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Sale Aanbieding Colocasia esculenta Pink China - pot Ø 17 cm



Nandina domestica Curly Obsessed - total height 30-40 cm - pot Ø 17 cm


Schefflera taiwaniana - total height 30-50 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Schefflera taiwaniana Hardy Schefflera


Musella lasiocarpa - pot Ø 19 cm
Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Dwarf Banana


Musa basjoo - pot Ø 23 cm
Musa basjoo Japanese fibre banana


Colocasia esculenta Royal Hawaiian Aloha - pot 11 x 11 cm


Colocasia esculenta Red Eyed Gecko - pot 11 x 11 cm


Colocasia esculenta Madeira - pot 11 x 11 cm


Sale Aanbieding Colocasia esculenta set of 2 - pot 9 x 9 cm



Strelitzia nicolai - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 24 cm - 2 plants per pot


Buy one, get one FREE Aanbieding Ensete ventricosum - pot Ø 23 cm - 1 + 1
Ensete ventricosum Buy 1 get 1 FREE



Sale Aanbieding Schefflera taiwaniana - pot Ø 24 cm
Schefflera taiwaniana Hardy Schefflera



Sale Aanbieding Vanilla planifolia - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 9 cm
Vanilla planifolia Bourbon Vanilla



Aspidistra elatior - total height 60-80 cm - pot Ø 17 cm
Aspidistra elatior Cast-iron-plant


Farfugium japonicum Wavy Gravy - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 26 cm


Ruscus hypoglossum - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 26 cm
Ruscus hypoglossum Horse tongue lily


Strelitzia nicolai - total height 110-130 cm - pot Ø 23 cm
Strelitzia nicolai Bird of Paradise


Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger - pot Ø 24 cm
Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger Red Tiger Banana


Sale Aanbieding Musa basjoo - pot Ø 26 cm
Musa basjoo Japanese fibre banana



Ensete maurelli - pot Ø 26 cm
Ensete maurelli Red banana


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Foliage plants

Most commonly, when people are searching for plants for their garden, they look for plants with beautiful flowers. Foliage plants, however, are a great alternative. Foliage plants are not generally known for their beautiful flowers, but instead stand out due to their amazing leaves. You can find many fantastic foliage plants on our web shop that you cannot easily find elsewhere. Do you want to add that tropical touch to your garden? Take a look through our full assortment of stunning foliage plants and see their charm for yourself.

The most beautiful foliage plants for your garden

Our foliage plants are versatile. They originate from all over the world. When we select our foliage plants, we keep European climates in mind. We make sure they stand a chance to survive in our climates or look for species well suited as an indoor plant. Many of our foliage plants are winter hardy and regularly evergreen. These hardy, evergreen foliage plants will make your garden look stunning even during the coldest periods of the year. Are you looking to buy foliage plants online? MyPalmShop is the right address for your tropical garden wishes. Among our foliage plants you can find species such as Hedera helix Hiberna (among other species of Hedera). In addition, we offer more exclusive plants such as the finger plant (Fatsia japonica). See our full assortment for yourself and order today!

Buying a foliage plant at MyPalmShop

You can order various species of foliage plants in our web shop. Aside from have a large selection of plants, we offer more advantages. We select only foliage plants of the highest quality and best appearance to add to our selection of plants. We pay careful attention to these characteristics. That way, you are ensured to receive an amazing foliage plant when you order at MyPalmShop. Are you looking for advice? Our specialist can also help you by provide you information about specific plants. In addition, they can help you decide which foliage plant is best suited for your garden or interior.

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