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Bamboo hedge

Not many people think of it initially, but bamboo is exceptionally well suited to create a hedge. They are available in many different colours and are easy in maintenance, they grow fast and dense and can be pruned easily. Furthermore, many bamboo species are winter hardy and evergreen, so even in winter you will have a beautiful hedge. 

If you are afraid of invasive bamboos, you can find plenty of options amongst our non-invasive bamboos. These can be planted without having to worry about it invading your neighbour's garden.


Apart from the fact that a dense bamboo hedge offers protection to all kinds of animals, such as birds, insects and small mammals, it also protects against wind and sun. Some bamboo species can become quite high while others grow into dense forests, so the garden will be completely out of view, and you will have a wonderfully intimate place to yourself. And the great thing is that a bamboo hedge requires almost no maintenance. A bit of trimming every now and then is all you need to do to achieve great results. 

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