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Ilex is part of the holly family can contain approximately four hundred species. Shrubs and trees in this family have varying characteristics and can be used as a hedge or placed in a pot. This makes Ilex very diverse in use. It can easily be combined with other plants in your garden. In addition, it is wintergreen and cold resistant. All in all a strong plant that will endure!

Would you like to plant an Ilex hedge for your garden? Or are looking for an eye catcher in a pot on your terrace or balcony? Ilex is a safe and good choice. Depending on your preferences, you can find Ilex that suit your needs and requirements. Take a look at the full assortment at MyPalmShop and place your order.

A beautiful evergreen replacement of Buxus

Ilex is a great evergreen which is very suited as a replacement for Buxus, as it is resistant to most Buxus diseases. In recent years, many Buxus plants have been severely damaged, particularly due to moths. Ilex is not affacted by these problems and thus can replace the traditional Buxus. It is somewhat similar in appearance to Buxus and it is easy to prune as well, placing it above the Buxus with ease. It is the perfect solution for those with problems with their Buxus plants.

Ilex is easy to prune. That makes it suited for topiary in various shapes as well. This is one of the reasons why garden architects love Ilex. It is suited for Hedges, pots and many other applications. Some Ilex species even get blossoms that are attractive to certain insects – increasing the biodiversity in your garden.

Your Ilex delivered to your home swiftly

Are you looking for a strong plant that is completely hardy and will remain green all year round? Ilex is a great plant fitting that description. In addition to the above, it is also very disease resistant, especially against diseases plaguing Buxus. In short, if you look for a plant that requires little and offers much, then Ilex is perfect for you.

For questions about Ilex and other plants in our assortment, you can contact us. Our specialists are happy to answer any questions you have or offer any advice you are looking for.