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Musa is a favorite with both plant and interior enthusiasts and is better known as a banana plant. With the large leaves and fresh green color you really bring the tropics into your home with Musa! Imagine yourself in a jungle and discover what a Musa plant can do for your interior. Curious about the varieties in our range? View the entire collection and choose the one that appeals to you.

The banana plant

Musa has an impressive trunk, from which large green leaves grow. This makes the plant very attractive and a great eye-catcher in your home. Indoor banana plants remain at a modest size and will never become too big for your interior. Put it in a sunny spot - it is of course a tropical plant.

Different types

There are different types of Musa, each with a unique look. Read more about the different types and make your choice!

Musa sikkimensis

Musa sikkimensis is nicknamed Red Tiger because of the red stripes on the leaves. It is also known as Darjeeling Banana. Musa sikkimensis originates from the mountain regions on the border of India and Myanmar. This species has fairly high winter hardiness and is therefore very suitable to keep on the balcony or in the garden. The leaves are robust and do not tear easily in the wind compared to other Musa species. The plant will therefore remain beautiful for a long time.

Musa basjoo

Musa basjoo or Japanese fibre banana is a real garden plant. In Japan, this banana plant is kept for its strong fibres that are used, for example, for binding books. Musa basjoo is the hardiest banana plant of its kind. This makes it very suitable for most European climates. The large leaves create a tropical atmosphere in your garden as well as provide shelter.

Musa laterita

Musa laterita is also known as the bronze banana. The banana plant has dark red flowers and the leaves are long and narrow. The leaves also remain fairly upright, so that the plant does not spread very far. Compared to other banana varieties, Musa laterita remains small. This makes it a great patio or garden plant.

Buy your Musa at MyPalmShop

Our range offers you a wide choice of different types of Musa plants. Do you want a banana plant in your home or garden? Check out which varieties are suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors. We are happy to advise you on the best choice and tell you everything about maintenance and care. This way you can enjoy the beautiful banana plant for as long as possible.

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