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Musa - Banana plant - MyPalmShop


Musa basjoo - pot Ø 12 cm
Musa basjoo Japanese fibre banana


Ensete maurelli - pot Ø 12 cm
Ensete maurelli Red banana


Musa sikkimensis 'Red Tiger' - total height 40+ cm - pot 2 Ltr
Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger Darjeeling banana


Canna Tropicanna Chrome - total height 30+ cm - pot Ø 19 cm


Canna tropicanna Gold - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 19 cm


Musella lasiocarpa - pot Ø 15 cm
Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Dwarf Banana


Musella lasiocarpa - pot Ø 19 cm
Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Dwarf Banana


Musa basjoo - pot Ø 23 cm
Musa basjoo Japanese fibre banana


Strelitzia nicolai - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 24 cm - 2 plants per pot


Ensete ventricosum - pot Ø 23 cm
Ensete ventricosum Ornamental banana


Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger - pot Ø 24 cm
Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger Red Tiger Banana


Sale Aanbieding Musa basjoo - pot Ø 26 cm
Musa basjoo Japanese fibre banana



Sold out Ensete maurelli - pot Ø 26 cm
Ensete maurelli Red banana


Sale Aanbieding Musa Dajiao Fat trunk pot Ø 24 cm



Sold out Ravenala madagascariensis pot Ø 25 cm [pallet]
Ravenala Madagascariensis Travellers palm


Musa basjoo - pot Ø 30 cm
Musa basjoo - fat trunk Japanese fibre banana


Strelitzia nicolai - total height 160-180 cm - pot Ø 36 cm - 2 plants in a pot [pallet]


Strelitzia nicolai - total height 140-160 cm - pot Ø 38 cm - 3 plants in a pot [pallet]


Strelitzia reginae - pot Ø 65 cm [pallet]
Strelitzia reginae [pallet] Bird of Paradise


Banana plant

Discover the tropical beauty of the banana plant, also known as Musa. With its large leaves and fresh green appearance, it literally brings the jungle to your interior or garden. Why should you buy a banana tree? Discover it here!

Musa As an eye catcher

Musa has a remarkable trunk with lush, green leaves, providing a imposing and plesant addition to any interior. Due to the modest sizes of some species, there are a few that are excellently suited for indoors. There are also banana tree species that do well outside. These outdoor banana’s tend to grow larger as well. Place your banana tree at a sunny spot, as they thrive in full sun. Good maintenance is key to ta healthy plant, so we want to provide tips to ensure your plant will flourish.

Watering a banana plant

We would like to provide you with some tips about caring for a banana plant:

  • Watering: Banana plants need regular watering, especially during warm summer days.
  • Frequency: On average, a banana plant needs water twice per week, but this can more than double during Summer. A banana with proper drainage cannot receive too much water.
  • Tools: Although optional, you can use vulcastrat or a water meter to measure and control watering.
  • Spraying: Spraying regularly, about twice per week, helps keep the air humidity up and prevents pests from taking hold of your plant.

Repotting your banana plant

We recommend repotting a banana plant after your purchase or each Spring. Spring is best suited, as that is when the roots recover significantly better. Ensure that the new container is at least 20% bigger than the previous. Use universal potting soil or palm potting soil and follow the tips mentioned above.

Choosing the right location for your banana plant

Whether you choose a banaan plant for indoors or outdoors, ensure it receives sufficient light, but avoid burning the leaves by placing it too suddenly in too much direct sunlight. Let de plant adjust gradually to sunlight by placing it closer to the window or its new location. A minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight is recommended for the best growth. Some banana plants are (semi) hardy and can thrive outside as well, such as Musa basjoo, Musa sikkimensis and Musa dajiao.

banana plant species

Discover the diversity among banana plants. Each has their own charm. Our collection consists of many different species, both for indoors and outdoors. Read more about these unique plants and make your choice! A few examples of banana plants in our range:

  • Sikkimensis: Also known as the Red Tiger due to the red stripes on the leaves. This species is hardy and robust.
  • Dajiao: literally translates to ‘large leaf’. This species is popular for its large leaves and edible plantain bananas (bananas used for cooking).
  • Basjoo: The Japanese fibre banana, famous for its relatively high hardiness and the impressive leaves.
  • Musella lasiocarpa: Also known as the Chinese lotus banana, distinguishable from other bananas by its looks, compact growth and beautiful flowers.
  • Ensete maurelli: The red banana with its beautiful leaves and fat trunk.

Buy your banana plants at MyPalmShop

Become inspired after looking through our wide range of banana plants. Whether you are looking for a plant for indoors or outdoors, we can provide you with expert advice about the right choices and proper care for your plants. Order effortlessly online and benefit from our excellent service and quick delivery throughout Europe. MyPalmShop, your expert in exotic plants and trees, where winter protection knows no secrets. Grow along with our green adventure!

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