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Deciduous hedges

Deciduous hedges provide seasonal interest in the form of changing colours. In spring these hedges will bloom and soon after they will start producing buds. These will turn into fresh green leaves that will fill up the hedges in no time. In summer beautiful, compact hedges will have formed. In early August they will change colour slowly but surely and they will start shedding their leaves, after which only their woody stems will remain. These hedges can be used as great partition screens that also attract large numbers of birds. In spring these birds will build their nests inside the hedges, and in autumn the hedges will offer them protection against predators.


Many people do not realize that a deciduous hedge can consist of more than one type of shrub. A variety of shrubs can make a hedge much more attractive. Not only for animals, but also for us humans, as a varied hedge produces flowers at different times in the year and has a diverse structure. A varied hedge is much more colourful than a hedge consisting of one plant type. And as far as pruning is concerned, it does not make any difference whether the hedge consists of one or more types of plant.

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