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Pine fertilizer 2,5 kg


Picea Omorika - pot 3 ltr
Picea Omorika Serbian spruce


Pinus mugo mughus - total heigth 40-50 cm - pot 3 ltr
Pinus mugo mughus Dwarf mountain pine


Taxus media Hicksii - total height 50-60 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Taxus media Hicksii Female Taxus x media


Taxus media Hillii - total height 50-60 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Taxus media Hillii Male Taxus x media


Taxus baccata - pot 3 ltr
Taxus baccata English yew


Podocarpus Chocolate Box - pot 3 ltr
Podocarpus Chocolate Box Podocarpus alpinus x nivalis


Picea omorika - pot 5 ltr
Picea omorika Serbian spruce


Taxus baccata Fastigiata Robusta - total height 60-80 cm - pot 3 ltr


Sequoia sempervirens Adpressa 3 ltr
Sequoia sempervirens Adpressa Adpressed coast redwood


Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Drooping Solo - pot 3 ltr
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Drooping Solo Weeping Port Orford cedar - Lawson cypress


Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Golden Sprinklers - pot 3 ltr


Picea pungens Glauca - total height 60-80 cm - pot 5 ltr
Picea pungens Glauca Blue spruce


Abies koreana - total height 50-60 cm - pot 5 ltr
Abies koreana Korean fir


Cedrus atlantica Glauca - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 22 cm


Araucaria araucana - pot 2 ltr


Taxus baccata David - total height 70-80 cm - pot 5 ltr
Taxus baccata David English yew


Pinus mugo Mops - pot 3 ltr
Pinus mugo Mops Dwarf mountain pine


Cedrus deodara - total height 90-110 cm - pot Ø 23 cm
Cedrus deodara Deodar cedar


Abies koreana Silberlocke - pot 3 ltr


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Conifer trees

Discover the fascinating world of conifer trees. These unique trees add a hint of (ever)green and serenity in your garden. With a conifer tree, you bring nature’s beauty to your home. The evergreen needles provide a pleasant and calming ambiance. Enjoy the exotic feeling that these special trees can provide. At MyPalmShop you can find a large collection of conifer trees, each with their own character and specifications.

Origin and hardiness of conifer trees

Conifer trees, native to many areas including Central Europe and Scandinavia, are exceptional trees that distinguish themselves by their leaves – or better, their needles. Cypresses, a subgroup of conifer trees, further distinguish themselves with their scale-like leaves. Conifer trees are nearly always evergreen, so you can enjoy these trees all year long. Even in winter, your garden will keep its appealing appearance. Discover our range of diverse conifer trees; there is guaranteed a suitable tree for your garden.

Buying the right conifer tree

When buying a conifer tree, it is important to known which tree suits your needs and garden best. With our useful filter menu, you can easily search for specific specifications of plants. Discover the diversity of conifer trees and find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Conifer tree species

As you may expect from MyPalmShop, we have a large range of beautiful conifer trees. From the beautiful Korean fir, that looks like a typical Christmas tree, to the northern white-cedar. These conifer trees can easily be combined with the plants you may already have in your garden. We also recommend having a look at our other trees.

This is how to take care of a conifer tree

Should you decide to purchase one of these beautiful conifer trees, you should know how to care for them. That is why we would like to provide some tips on how to care for these conifer trees:

  • Provide regular water, especially in the summer months.
  • Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot and fungi growth.
  • If you choose to keep the conifer tree in a pot, ensure it has excellent drainage.
  • Conifer trees generally thrive in full sun to light shade.

Buying conifer trees at MyPalmShop

We would like to invite you to have a look at our wide range of conifer trees and discover which tree suits your garden best. Aside from our large assortment of trees, we also offer excellent service. You can always contact us if you need any advice and if you place an order, we will have it delivered as soon as possible. We select our plants based on their quality. We are not just a shop – we are your partner in creating a green oasis.

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