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Phoenix canariensis - total height 50-70 cm - pot Ø 21 cm
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm


Phoenix canariensis - trunk 120-140 cm - total height 300+ cm - pot 600 ltr [pallet]
Phoenix canariensis [pallet] Canary Island date palm


Phoenix canariensis, better known as Canary Island date palm, is a well known palm with a majestic shape. Canary island date palm are available in various sizes. Small palms are ideal for a balcony or small garden, whereas larger specimens are perfect eye-catchers in larger gardens. Which size suites you?

Characteristics of Phoenix Canariensis

Phoenix canariensis is a beautiful palm with a fountain-like shape. Larger varieties have a fat, sturdy trunk with long feathery leaves. Canary Island date palms grow fairly quickly but are not self cleaning. That means that old leaves have to be removed manually. 

Taking care of your Canary Island date palm

Canary Island date palms prefer being planted in a garden, but do well as a potted plant too. Make sure to put them in a sunny spot. They are drought- and salt resistant, making them suited for coastal areas as well. Protect Canary Island date palms against frost by aplpying winter protection or by placing them in a frost-free area. If you relocate the palm, make sure there is sufficient light and humidity.

Available in various sizes

Phoenix canariensis is available in various sizes throughout the entire year, although exact sizes may vary slightly. Your order will be delivered to your location of choice within 2-4 business days after placing the order. The method of shipping depends on the size; large palms may be delivered by pallet, whereas smaller specimens will be brought to you in a parcel. You will receive a track & trace where you can follow your order and, if needed, where you can alter the time and location of your delivery.

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