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Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix canariensis - total height 140-170 cm - pot Ø 28 cm
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm

€ 39,95

per piece

Phoenix canariensis - pot Ø 55 cm [pallet]
Phoenix canariensis [pallet] Canary Island date palm

€ 245,00

per piece

Phoenix canariensis - fat trunk - pot Ø 60 cm [pallet]

€ 295,00

per piece

Phoenix canariensis - trunk 120-140 cm - total height 300+ cm - pot 600 ltr [pallet]
Phoenix canariensis [pallet] Canary Island date palm

€ 3.024,95

per piece


Phoenix canariensis date palm

Phoenix canariensis palm trees owe their name to their origin. Its native habitat is the Canary Islands. Despite having a significantly warmer climate there, you can see the Canary island date palm more and more frequently in temperate climates as well. It is well suited as a container plant, allowing you to turn your terrace or balcony into an exotic paradise. Are you looking for a Phoenix canariensis date palm? Have a quick look at the full range of MyPalmShop.

Advantages of the Canary date palm

Are you going to redecorate your garden and, would you like to add a hint of the tropics? The Phoenix canariensis date palm is an excellent choice to help you with that. The leaves of this palm have a beautiful great colour, creating a relaxing ambiance. It does not require a significant amount of maintenance. It might need sufficient water, but aside from that, it will not need a lot of attention. In short: plenty of reasons to buy a Phoenix canariensis.

Maintenance of Phoenix canariensis

In brief: this palm needs a lot of water and sunlight. Just be careful not to over water – and make sure surplus water is drained properly. That way, you will prevent root rot. By preventing root rot, you can get more out of our plant. Feel a few centimetres into the soil to feel if the soil is still humid. If humid, it does not require more water. Be careful when working with this palm tree, however, as its leaves have sharp needles that can hurt quite a bit.

A suitable Phoenix canariensis for every garden

Whoever thinks there is only 1 size available for Phoenix canariensis, is very wrong. If you have a look at our full range of Phoenix canariensis, you will notice that we sell various varieties of this plant. The main differences are in the size of the trunk and the height of the palm. You can find sizes between small seedlings of about 30 centimetres tall all the way to date palms with a height of over 3 metres.

Mind the specifications

Have you found a beautiful Phoenix canariensis? You can order it effortlessly in our web shop. Before you buy the palm, however, we recommend looking at the specifications of the palm. Not every Canary date palm is the same. They might look similar, but there could be more differences than you would think. Mind these specifications before you place your order.

Order your Phoenix canariensis online at MyPalmShop

At MyPalmShop you can simply order Phoenix roebelenii online. If you order it at our web shop, you can benefit from a variety of advantages. It never takes long before your palm tree arrives at your home. We ensure good packing, so that it arrives in pristine condition at our home. Do you still have a question about this plant? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees can tell you all about Phoenix canariensis