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Deep square palmpot sleeve - pot 7 x 7 cm / 0,7 ltr.
Deep square palmpot 7 x 7 cm - 0,7 ltr

€ 0,80

per piece

Orchid pot transparent - Ø 11,5 cm

€ 0,99

per piece

Deep palm pot round - Ø 14,9 cm / 2 ltr.
Deep palm pot round Ø 14,9 cm - 2 ltr

€ 1,10

per piece

Deep palm pot round - Ø 15 cm / 3 ltr.
Deep palm pot round Ø 15 cm - 3 ltr

€ 1,25

per piece

Deep Square Palmpot Rose - pot 11 x 11 cm / 2 ltr.
Palm pot - 2 ltr Deep Square Palmpot

€ 1,30

per piece

Dishes - Ø 18 cm
Dish Ø 18 cm

€ 1,50

per piece

Deep square palm pot sleeve - pot 9 x 9 cm / 1,4 ltr.
Deep square palm pot 9 x 9 cm - 1,4 ltr

€ 1,55

per piece

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Dishes - Ø 20 cm
Dish Ø 20 cm

€ 1,75

per piece

Deep palm pot round - Ø 18,7 cm / 4 ltr.
Deep palm pot round Ø 18,7 cm - 4 ltr

€ 1,80

per piece

Dishes - Ø 25 cm
Dish Ø 25 cm

€ 2,25

per piece

Large and unique assortment
Quick delivery all over Europe
Your specialist in exotic plants and trees
Decorative pot Sonja saucer - pot 30 x 30 cm
Sonja Saucer 30 x 30 cm

€ 2,35

per piece

Large palm pots - Ø 23 cm / 5.4 ltr.
Large palm pots Ø 23 cm

€ 2,40

per piece

Deep palm pot round - Ø 21 cm / 7 ltr.
Deep palm pot round Ø 21 cm - 7 ltr

€ 2,75

per piece

Dishes - Ø 30 cm
Dish Ø 30 cm

€ 3,50

per piece

Dishes - Ø 35 cm
Dish Ø 35 cm

€ 3,95

per piece

Deep Square Palmpot Rose Tray - 2 ltr
Palm pot Tray - 2 ltr Tray for deep Square Palmpot

€ 4,70

per piece

Dishes - Ø 40 cm
Dish Ø 40 cm

€ 4,95

per piece

Balcony Pot rose

€ 5,45

per piece

Balcony Pot purple
Balcony Pot Purple

€ 5,45

per piece

Clay growing stone Hydro 5 Ltr

€ 6,55

per piece

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Choosing a pot is an important task, as not every plant fits with every pot. A pot can be too big or too small. Cuttings, seedlings and seeds are best put in a cultivation pot or tray, so that these can grow in a protected environment. Other plants require a special model of pots – such as seedlings, which require a deeper pot. Plants sensitive to water require pots with holes at the bottom, so that surpluses of water can be drained. The functionality of your pots is thus an important aspect to keep in mind.

Beautiful pots – a sight for sore eyes

Our eyes want things as well! Decorate your balcony or terrace with special pots in various colour. There are pots that fit on railings or fences. Palm trees are commonly found in warmer environments, so give your terrace or balcony that exotic flavour with the right pots. Would you prefer unity? We also have growing or tree pots in our range – which extends from less than 4,5 litres to over 110 litres! There is always a pot suited for your garden.

Pots with good drainage

There are many plants which dislike wet feet. These plants have an increased risk of fungi or rot in the roots, if these roots are left ‘swimming’. Specially for these plants, we offer pots with holes in the bottom. These can be combined with dishes that catch surpluses of water. If you provide too much water for your plants, it will not cause any damage to your plant. You can, of course, also choose to buy a pot without holes and proceed to drill your own hills in it for the same effect.

Plant pots for indoors

It is important for most people to have pots that fit within their interior. That’s why we offer various pots for indoors as well. It generally is recommended to buy more pots than you may need, so that you have some in storage that fit with each other and provide unity in your home. Indoor pots generally do not have any holes at the bottom and thus aren’t suited for placement outside (unless you drill holes yourself). You do not have any influence on the amount of rainfall outside, unlike indoors, where you can regulate water yourself. Outdoor pots are suited for indoor placement, usually in combination with a dish to catch the surplus water.

Plant pots for outdoors

Are your outdoor plants all potted? It is essential to use pots with proper drainage! That way, you decrease the chance for complications with the roots and ensure a proper and healthy growth of your plants. You can choose to use a dish to catch the drained water, or to simply let it flow away. Generally, using a dish to catch this water is better for your plant, as the soil, when it dries out, will suck up the water like a sponge.

Repotting your plants

Once every now and then you will have to repot your plants. In some cases you start off with growth pots. Herein you can find a cutting or seed that grows to a small plant. After that, it generally is best to repot your plant once every year, so it has the space and minerals to continue its growth. Use a pot that is about 20-30% bigger than its current pot. Once a plant grows to a larger size, it usually is enough to repot once every two years.

Buying plant pots

Looking to order plant pots? You can simply buy them via our web shop! We deliver our products in the entire European Union and ensure a speedy delivery. Have you found your preferred plant pots? Add these to your shopping cart. When you have finished adding products to your cart, you can simply finish placing the order. We will then pack your order and send it out. If you still have any questions regarding pots, plant maintenance or plants themselves? Contact us – we are happy to help you.