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Magnolia grandiflora gloriosa - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Magnolia grandiflora Gloriosa Southern magnolia


Magnolia grandiflora Nantais - total height 60+ cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Magnolia grandiflora Nantais Southern magnolia


Magnolia grandiflora Francois Treyve - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 22 cm


Magnolia grandiflora Goliath - total height 50+ cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Magnolia grandiflora Goliath Southern magnolia


Magnolia grandiflora Victoria - total height 50+ cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Magnolia grandiflora Victoria Southern magnolia



Magnolia is an easily distinguished tree. The large white blossoms turn any magnolia into a true eye catcher. Aside from the beautiful appearance of the white blossoms, they also spread a pleasant fragrance. Magnolia trees are common in public spaces, but it is also possible to plant magnolia trees in your garden. MyPalmShop is the right place to find magnolia trees to order a potted tree for your garden or balcony.

Magnolia trees are not only popular in the Netherlands – it is symbolic all around the world for various goals. The Southern magnolia, as the Magnolia grandiflora is better known as, is the state symbol for the American state Mississippi. In China, magnolia trees symbolize Yin, the female side of live. Other common symbolic meanings are that of cleanliness and dignity.

A diverse range of magnolia trees

There are a large amount of magnolia species that each have their own characteristics. Similarities include the shrub-like shape with the tulip-like flowers. A lot of people think the flowers look like tulips, which is the reason why in many languages the tree is called tulip-tree or false tulip-tree. Despite that, it is not family of the tulip.

Magnolia trees are often hardy trees, though not evergreen. Magnolia grandiflora, the most common species in our range, is the exception – Magnolia grandiflora is an evergreen species of magnolia. Other magnolia trees are not evergreen.


You can find a large range of magnolia trees. We recommend checking the specifications for each of our products before ordering. How big would you like to receive your magnolia? They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Large specimens of Magnolia grandiflora are often available in our range, varying in subspecies. These sometimes are over 3 metres tall! Other similar species related to Magnolia include Calycanthus venus and Michelia yunnanensis, which tend to be smaller. Consider the spot where you would like to place your magnolia before ordering.

Ordering Magnolia online

We recommend taking a look at our range of Magnolia. If you have any questions about magnolia trees or if are looking for advice, you can always contact us. We are glad to help you with any question your might have. We will proceed to pack your order as soon as you place your order. When packing your order, we make sure to pack it in a way that prevents damage during transit. That way, you can ensure a good and swift delivery of your magnolia.

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