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Xanthorrhoea glauca - trunk 50-60 cm [pallet] Temporarily out of stock
Xanthorrhoea glauca [pallet] Australian Grass Tree

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Xanthorrhoea are impressive plants that originate in Australia. They are also known Australian grass trees. Xanthorrhoea’s are so unique that they will definitely catch the attention of visitors and passer-by’s. They are called grass trees as they look similar to grass, but then on a trunk. Leaves are blueish grey of colour with a black trunk. This black colour is often caused by bushfires. Xanthorrhoea can survive bushfires as the trunk serves as insulation against heat. Not only will it survive it, it even stimulates the flowering. Flowering consists of a spike on top of a scape. Xanthorrhoea can generally reach up to five metres tall. Xanthorrhoea is an evergreen perennial and can usually withstand up to -3 ℃. If it gets colder than that, make sure to protect the plants with sufficient winter protection. That way, you can keep the plants outside in your garden all year round. Despite that they can grow well indoors as well.

Its appearance is not the only thing that makes Xanthorrhoea impressive

Xanthorrhoea is a real eye catcher for your garden. Despite its fantastic appearance, this plant can offer more than just that. No less impressive is the fact that Xanthorrhoea can reach 600 years old. Australis grass trees are slow growing tree. On average, they grow 1 - 2,5 cm per year. Nonetheless, the most impressive fact remains their ability to survive (and even thrive) in forest fires. Forest fires will even boost the flowering.

Ordering the Australian grass tree online

Are you impressed by Xanthorrhoea. Then it is a good thing to know you can simply order them online through our web shop. As soon as you place your order, we will process it as quickly as possible. That way, you can have this impressive plant in your garden in no time. We always select only the best plants for our web shop. Having the best quality plants allows you to appreciate your plants for as long as possible. Do you have any questions about the Australian grass tree or any other of our exotic plants? Feel free to contact us, so that our specialist can offer you the best advice.