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Chestnut fencing

For whoever prefers a natural looking view of your exterior, chestnut fencing is a perfect solution to still fence of your garden. Chestnut fencing is made from chestnut wood to offer you a natural and transparant fence. It is commonly used to contain sheep, which is why it is sometimes also called sheep fencing. Of course, it is not only suited to contain sheep, but it can be used for many different places as well. After all, chestnut fencing has a high decorative value, as its natural look is greatly appreciated by many.

At MyPalmShop you can find chestnut fencing reinforced with galvanized wire, individual chestnut poles in various sizes to support your fencing and chestnut gates to make your fencing accessable. You can find everything to fully provide you this natural and beautiful chestnut fencing.

Various types of fencing

Chestnut fencing is a common solution to fence off a piece of land or garden, as it is very accessible and significantly cheaper than alternatives. In addition, it is very easy to place yourself. An auger will help with placing the poles, against which you can attach the chestnut fencing. Chestnut fencing is durable and will last for approximately 20-25 years and requires little to no maintenance.

Aside from untreated chestnut fences, we also have fencing that is impregnated. Impregnated chestnut fencing is darker of colour and can last even longer. If you prefer a different type of wood, birch wood is also available. The lighter wood of birch gives your fencing an elegant appearance. Untreated birch wood also lasts approximately 20-25 years and requires no addition treatment.

Order chestnut fencing at MyPalmShop

If you are looking for a beautiful way to fence of a piece of land or a garden, then chestnut fencing is the ideal solution. The natural appearance of the fencing makes for a beautiful surrounding. Simply place your order for chestnut fencing online, so that we can start preparing the chestnut fences for delivery.

If you have any questions about our products or if you are looking for personal advice, contact our customer support. We gladly help you with any questions you may have.

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