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The Chamaerops

Chamaerops, also known as the European dwarf palm or dwarf fan palm, are unique in their kind and suitable for any garden. As one of the most cold-resistant palms, Chamaerops is very popular in Europe. The palm has high adaptability and is therefore easy to maintain.

Adding a Chamaerops to your garden? At MyPalmShop you will always find the most beautiful palms for competitive prices. We also have various types of Chamaerops in stock. The tropical appearance of this palm creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. Moreover, the Chamaerops can be combined well with other palm species, so that you can create a beautiful green whole.

Different types of Chamaerops

Chamaerops is divided into three known types. Despite the fact that the species are similar in many ways, there is a difference between the three Chamaerops palm species.

Chamaerops Humilis

Chamaerops Humilis originates from Europe and grows around the Mediterranean. The palmate palm leaves have fresh green colour and grow close together. Compared to other palms, the Chamaerops Humilis remains quite compact. This means that this variety is particularly suitable for planting in a pot on your patio or as an addition to your garden.

Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera

In many ways Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera resembles the European Dwarf Palm. For example, the maintenance and weather resistance are comparable. In appearance, however, the two palms differ from each other. The leaves of Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera are bluer and the petioles are full of spines. This palm variety can also be placed in a pot and in the garden.

Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano

Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano is also a hardy dwarf palm. The palm does very well both in the garden and in a pot. Like the European dwarf palm, Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano also remains very compact. Ideal for your patio, for example. The leaves of the Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano are dark green on top and silver-gray on the bottom - a nice addition to the whole in your garden.

Buy your Chamaerops at MyPalmShop

On our website you will find a diverse range of top-quality Chamaerops dwarf palms. As a specialist in exotic plants, we can advise you carefully about the maintenance of this beautiful palm species and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Would you like a Chamaerops dwarf palm in your garden? Then quickly order the palm of your choice and enjoy excellent service and fast shipping throughout Europe.

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