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Ties and labels

Are you a big fan of propagating? A good tip is to use horticultural labels so you can easily identify everything you have sown. Is it the cabbage that has grown so well? No need to ask yourself such questions when, at the time of sowing, you use the horticultural labels that are available in our shop... But they are also useful to identify your special plants. With these labels you will know exactly which care each plant needs.

Staking and plant support accessories, for a good start

Some plants or trees need extra support or staking. We have a range of staking products, cords, supports and tapes, to give these plants and trees the support they need. These products will provide them with the best protection against autumn storms or sudden gusts of wind. These binding accessories are also useful to support the growth of your plants, trees, shrubs and climbers. We have a preference for bamboo materials, because bamboo is durable and blends well with the natural look of the garden. We are here to help and to answer any questions you may have about staking and support accessories. Want to treat someone?

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