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Vitis Himrod - pot 2 ltr
Vitis Himrod Seedless white grape


Vitis labrusca Sukribe - pot 2 ltr
Vitis labrusca Sukribe Hardy white grape


Vitis Riesling - total height 60-80 cm - 2 ltr pot
Vitis riesling White Grape


Vitis supaga - total height 60-80 cm - pot 2 ltr
Vitis supaga White Grape


Vitis labrusca Zilga - pot 2 ltr


Vitis Eddy's Blue Wonder - pot 2 ltr
Vitis Eddy's Blue Wonder Seedless blue grape


Vitis vinifera - total height 80-120 cm - pot Ø 33 cm
Vitis vinifera Common grape vine


Vitis vinifera - pot Ø 50cm - total height 130-150 cm [pallet]
Vitis vinifera [pallet] Common grape vine


Grapes from your own grapevine

Vitis, better known as a grapevine, is a large group of flowering plants that are well known for their berry, the grape. Grapevines are common in many parts of the world to provide fresh fruit or delicious wines. They come in many different species, which are very often interbred or hybridized. There are many different types of grape suited for our European climate, so growing your own grapes is an easy job for anyone who wishes to grow their own delicious fruit. 

Many flavours to spoil yourself with

Everybody has their own flavour preferences. Grapes come in a variety of options, varying from blue and red to white grapes. Each variety of grapes has their own flavour, so there is plenty to choose from. Many types are even seedless. There is a grape for everyone!

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