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Are you fond of plants and would you like to turn them into your preferred shape? Topiary is a hobby that is getting increasingly popular. We can understand, as topiary is a great way to express creativity. At MyPalmShop you can find a large assortment of plants and trees that are easily cut into the most beautiful shapes. You can also find plants and trees that are already cut for you. Topiary allows you to add a unique element to your garden. We have various plants that are well suited for topiary – some can even be shaped into an animal. That way, your garden will truly become something to your liking.

The art of topiary

If you are looking into cutting your plants, make sure to read up on the plants that you are about to cut. Not all plants are as well suited as others to be pruned. You can find a good selection of topiary-suited plants in our assortment, so that you can enjoy the art of topiary without worrying. Of course, it generally takes some time, practice, and experience before you can cut plants in the shapes you want.

Which plants are suited for topiary?

There is a large diversity of plants and trees suited for topiary. Not all plants we sell are large in size yet, but most of these can grow up to larger sizes. That allows you to cut in many shapes and heights. In due time, you will truly have a beautiful topiary tree as an addition to your garden. Well suited plants are for example Buxus, Thuja and Ilex. In addition to these, there are plenty of other plants well suited for topiary, so makes sure to take a look at our full assortment. We also advise you to read up on all the specifications at the various topiary plants. That way, you know exactly what you are buying so that you can maintain it properly.

Order your topiary online

Are you itching to work on your topiary as well? You will need a suitable tree for that. See our assortment today and find the most suited tree. You can simply order these online. If you are not sure about which tree to get or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you make a decision. That way, we can help you get your topiary at home in no time.

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