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Rhododendron fertilizer - 2,5 kg


Rhododendron stenopetalum Linearifolium - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 17 cm


Rhododendron Nova Zembla - total height 50-60 cm - pot 5 ltr


Rhododendron Cunningham's White - total height 50-60 - pot 5 ltr


Rhododendron Roseum Elegans - total height 50-60 cm - pot 5 ltr


Rhododendron Catawbiense Grandiflorum - total height 50-60 cm - pot 5 ltr


Rhododendron shrubs

Rhododendron is a beautiful, popular shrub native to China. After having been introduced in the 19th century in Europe, it has not left our gardens since. This shrub is characterized by rich dark green leaves and beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers in spring. In our webshop you will find three types of Rhododendron: Cunningham's White,Nova Zembla and Roseum Elegans. You will also find special potting soil and fertilizer solutions needed for successful planting.


Cunningham's White is a beautiful Rhododendron that is easy to maintain. As the name suggests, it produces white flowers. This shrub needs a sunny place with partial shade. Nova Zembla gives an abundance of red/pink flowers and is an evergreen shrub. Roseum Elegans is a beautiful shrub with pink flowers. This plant is ideal as a solitary.
These shrubs all reach heights of 50 to 60 cm (1-2 feet). They grow best in fresh and acidic, non-chalky, well drained heathland soil. We have special Rhododendron potting soil in our collection. We also recommend fertilizer for Rhododendrons, to help your plant grow optimally.

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