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Other Dicksonia

Dicksonia sellowiana - pot 0,7 ltr
Dicksonia sellowiana South American tree fern

€ 9,95

per unit

Dicksonia squarrosa - trunk 5-10 cm Temporarily out of stock
Dicksonia squarrosa Rough tree fern - Wheki

€ 54,95

per unit

Dicksonia fibrosa - doubletrunk 50-60 cm + 50-60 cm [pallet] Temporarily out of stock
Dicksonia fibrosa doubletrunk [pallet] Golden tree fern - Whekī-ponga

€ 345,00

per unit

Dicksonia tree ferns

Dicksonia tree ferns are impressive plants that can be found all over the southern world. From the mountains in Tasmania, where it is relatively cold, to Chilli and St. Helena. As some Dicksonia tree ferns originate in cooler climates, they are able to adapt to many European climates. Temperatures below -4 degrees Celsius should be avoided, however. The appearance of Dicksonia tree ferns is very popular. They can also reach an age of 300 years. Adding Dicksonia tree ferns to your garden will create a tropical ambiance. So, if you are looking for an impressive plant to decorate your garden with, then Dicksonia tree ferns are an excellent choice!

Buying Dicksonia plants at MyPalmShop

Dicksonia tree ferns are beloved plants within Europe. Are you looking to buy a Dicksonia? You can find various species of tree ferns on our web shop. Dicksonia tree ferns are not the only tree ferns we have on offer. You can find various species of Cyathea as well, for example. Dicksonia tree ferns are similar to Cyathea, but tend to have more primitive features. Every tree fern has its own appearance and characteristics. We recommend checking our web shop for our complete assortment of tree ferns!

Would you like to order a tree fern at MyPalmShop? Then you can be assured to receive good quality plants. That does not only apply for tree ferns, but also all other plants in our assortment.

Ordering tree ferns online?

It is no longer necessary to spend ages searching for trees ferns. You can simply find them online. After placing your order online, we will proceed to pack your order. We take good care when packing our plants, so that they will be delivered in a quick and proper way. As we are specialized in tree ferns and other exotic plants, we have learned how to pack the plants so they do not take damage during transit.