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Cycas revoluta - total height 50-60 cm - pot Ø 14 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Cycas revoluta - total height 60-80 cm - pot Ø 17 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Cycas revoluta - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Cycas revoluta - trunk 15-20 cm - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago cycad


Zamia furfuracea - pot Ø 33 cm
Zamia furfuracea Cardboard palm


Sold out Cycas panzhihuaensis - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 28 cm
Cycas panzhihuaensis Dukou sago palm


Cycas revoluta - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 38 cm [pallet]


Sold out Dioon spinulosum - trunk 15-25 cm - total height 100-120 cm - pot Ø 28 cm
Dioon spinulosum Giant dioon


Cycas revoluta - trunk 30-40 cm - total height 110-130 cm - pot Ø 40 cm [pallet]


Sold out Dioon edule - trunk 20 cm - total height 100-120 cm - pot Ø 30 cm
Dioon edule Chestnut dioon


Cycas revoluta - trunk 35-45 cm - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]


Cycas revoluta - trunk 45-55 cm - total height 130-160 cm - pot Ø 48 cm [pallet]



Sago palms are real eye catchers for your garden. A Cycad is remarkable, versatile and tropical. A cycas is a toprical addition for your garden and can even withstand a small amount of frost. It is easy in care as it can handle both humidity and drought. Cycas originate mostly in South-East Asia, but also East Africa and Madagascar, and is especially popular due to its elegant leaves and rough trunk. It is a common plant along the entrance of luxurious hotels. Cycas palms (although not actual palm trees) are often called sago palms.

A remarkable indoor plant

With a sago palm, you will bring a piece of history to your home. This plant dominated earth during the Jura period. It is an interesting idea to know that they still thrive nowadays. As Cycas plants are native to warmer areas, it is mostly used as an indoor plant in Europe. Despite being native to warm regions, some can withstand a small amount of frost as well – up to -3 degrees Celsius.

Sago palm care

Sago palm trees grow slowly. They generally do not need a lot of water, so provide sparingly. The roots are senstive to overwatering. Let the soil dry before providing new water. During Summer, you can give more water. Spraying the plant with water is not necessary, but will improve the growth and beauty of the plant. Place a Cycas in a sunny location. It can handle direct sunlight well once acclimatised. Do not place it at a spot too far from a dinow, as that will prevent it from thriving.

Many species

Cycas can be distinguished from other plants due to their remarkable, symmetric shape. The leaves are deep green. The total height for Cycas plants can reach about 3,5 metres tall. If you choose for a smaller variety, you can have your own green plant in your very own interior. We have various cycads available. Have a look at our assortment to see which once fits your interior best. Examples of our range include Cycas revoluta, a popular indoor plant, or the less known, frost hardy Cycas panzhihuaensis.

The versatility of Cycas palms makes them useful for various diverse interior styles. Put larger specimen of Cycas in the corner of your room for a remarkable accent, while smaller varieties that are perfect for a stylish statement in smaller areas. Sago palms thrive as indoor plants and their adaptability to indoor circumstances. For those who strive for an exotic touch in the garden, the Cycas panzhihuaensis is great option.

Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta is likely the best known Cycas among cycads. It is known as the sago palm and has a fresh and friendly appearance. With a sturdy and compact trunk, crowed with beautiful green leaves that spread, Cycas revoluta is a real eye catcher for your garden or interior. It is extremely popular among exotic plant lovers due to its characteristic tropical appearance and easy maintenance.

Cycas panzhihuaensis

Cycas panzhihuaensis has, aside from its unique name, also a unique appearance. This cycad is known as the Dukou sago palm. Due to its adaptability, it is very suited for a lot of climates. Although it originates in the tropics, it can handle colder days as well. Furthermore, its elegant appearance will help you turn your garden into a tropical paradise.

Fitting advice for your sago palm

Lovers of exotic plants and flowers known all too well that most species come with their own instructions. Not ever palm is as easy to maintain as others, and their care often requires a little bit more knowledge than regular indoor plants. Despite that, delving into exotic plants will definately be rewarding.

You can always count on our specialists. We are ready to help you with questions about Cycads of other species in our assortment. That way, we can help you get the most out of your exotic plants whilst having an easier time caring for them. We have a lot of tips to help you get the most out of your exotic plants in your garden or home. Let us know what you are looking for, so that we can help you.

Cycas palms for sale at MyPalmShop

Have you found a beautiful palm? Have a quick look as the assortiment of palms in the web shop of MyPalmShop and choose the beautiful Cycas. We select our palm trees based on quality so that you can be sure that your palms will stay pristine for as long as possible. You will be able to enjoy your new addition for a long time to come.

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