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About us

At MyPalmShop, we are passionate about the extraordinary diversity of exotic plants. You will not only find palm trees, but also other unique plants such as tree ferns, yuccas, olive trees and citrus trees. Our voyage started with simple love for greenery and has grown to a discovery journey through the world of flora, where we are always amazed at the wonders of nature.  We would like to welcome you in our green oasis, where we are happy to share our expertise and enthusiasm. Read more about who we are, what drives us and why we believe in that a can be turned into a magical and inspirational location.

From a passion to a blooming company

Our journey started many years ago, with Herbert Riphagen’s passion for palm trees and exotic plants. When he ended having insufficient room for his hobby, he decided to start selling the plants. Herbert then realized there was a demand for quality hady palm trees. With this realisation, he founded GardenPalms Europe. While GardenPalms developed into an influential wholesale, Herbert wanted to reach consumers as well. Thus, he opened MyPalmShop Erica as well.

Extra location and a large German market

Herbert is still, together with Hendrik Speet, a driving force behind MyPalmShop. The growth of the company continued with the addition of location Wezep, strategically located along the A28 highway. This allowed for curious people to withness the beauty of exotic plants through Wezep’s beautiful example garden. Aside form the Netherlands, MyPalmShop also built a strong presence in Germant. Popular palm trees and plants, such as Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus wagnerianus and Dicksonia antarctica contributed the the successes of MyPalmShop.

The exotic journey of our plants

Most of our products originate from sunny climates, particular from Spain, France and Italy. These locations offer the perfect climate with colder winter to make our plants hardier, combined with an increased amount of sun to boost the elegance and growth of our plants. These beautiful additions are then shipped to the Netherlands with the utmost care, with our long-time cooperation with nurseries resulting in great pricing as well as a large range or products. After a careful selection of plants, the choice is yours, our esteemed customer, to choose your favorite plants from our website or in our green house.

Traveling to Australia

Our plants do not only originate in Europe. For more exclusive plants and sizes of for example Dicksonia antarctica, we even travel all the way to Australia. They are imported by freighter to the Netherlands. Here , they are inspected carefully before being brought to our greenhouse. Sustainability and legitimacy are important for us, thus we only import plants in cooperation with official instances in Australia. That way, our plants are harvested in a sustainable and qualitative manner.

Our unparalled knowledge of plants

For us, it is of the utmost importance that our employees have advanced plant knowledge. We do not offer side jobs, so we only have salesmen and service employees who really know our plants. This methos is the direct result of the fact that selling plants is a complex process that requires a significant amount of knowledge, especially considering our wide range or exotic plants – we offer between 3000-4000 products! In addition, we know everything about Trachycarpus Wagnerianus and the hardiness of exotic plants. Our experts have inspected practically all our plants in our collection, so we can ensure our customers that they recieve fitting advice and information.

Our dedication to expertise can be seen in the many postive reviews we have received over the years.