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Cyathea tomentosissima Highland Lace pot Ø 15 cm
Cyathea tomentosissima Highland Lace Dwarf Woolly Tree Fern

€ 17,95

per piece

Cyathea tomentosissima Highland Lace - pot Ø 22 cm
Cyathea tomentosissima Highland Lace Dwarf Woolly Tree Fern

€ 24,95

per piece

Cyathea cooperi - pot Ø 22 cm
Cyathea cooperi Lacy tree fern

€ 39,95

per piece

Cyathea medullaris - trunk 5-10 cm Temporarily out of stock
Cyathea medullaris Black tree fern

€ 74,95

per unit

Cyathea dealbata - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 21 cm Temporarily out of stock
Cyathea dealbata Silver fern

€ 86,95

per unit

Cyathea cunninghamii - trunk 25-35 cm Temporarily out of stock
Cyathea cunninghamii Gully tree fern

€ 108,95

per unit

Cyathea kermadecensis - trunk 20-30 cm Temporarily out of stock
Cyathea kermadecensis Alsophila kermadecensis

€ 174,95

per unit

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Cyathea australis - trunk 10-20 cm Temporarily out of stock
Cyathea australis Rough tree fern

€ 214,95

per unit


Cyathea is a plant you may occasionally find in European gardens. It is popular here due to its beautiful looks. Aside from in your garden, you could put a Cyathea indoors as well – if you give it sufficient humidity. Are you looking for a beautiful Cyathea? Take a look at the assortment of MyPalmShop. We have various varieties of Cyathea and other tree ferns available.

A well-known characteristic is its fat trunk. It is not only beautiful, but also practical, as it makes a Cyathea generally somewhat hardy. Despite that, we recommend taking it indoors during winter. That way, you can be sure that the Cyathea will survive any winter. In addition, it will give your interior that exotic touch.

Various varieties of Cyathea

Just like many other plants, Cyathea come in various species. Not every species is equally suited for European gardens, but many of them are well suited for European climates. Cyathea species in our assortment are all suited for the European climate. We pick our Cyathea plants with great care. That way, we can ensure you will receive a beautiful and qualitative tree fern.

Every Cyathea species in our assortment is unique. This is visible in the various heights that tree ferns can reach. Most of our tree ferns can reach up to 1 metre tall, but some exceptions exist. Aside from height, the width of each species varies as well. With the indicated specifications such as height and pot size, you can find a Cyathea that fits in your garden.

Caring for your Cyathea

Some Cyathea species can resist a few degrees of frost, depending on the species. Furthermore, keep in mind that younger specimens are more vulnerable to frost than older specimens. Put a Cyathea in a larger pot if you feel like it needs one – this depends mostly on the type of Cyathea.A fern generally does prefer a large pot rather than a small one. This also slows down the rate at which the soil dries out. A Cyathea grows best in shade so that the leaves do not get sunburn. A sheltered location would be ideal. Humid rooms such as a bathroom are preferred in case you place them indoors.

Order Cyathea online

You can easily order your Cyathea online. That way, you do not have to leave your home to get new additions for your plants. Sit back and relax while we arrange the packing and transit of your order. We will make sure you receive your goods as fast as possible and do so with great care.

Would you like to receive some advice before ordering a Cyathea? Or do you have any questions regarding care, location or maintenance of any plant? Contact us at MyPalmShop. Our customer service will help you with any questions you may have.