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Fruit trees

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Fruit trees

Secretly we all would like to do it. Fill our whole garden with the most delicious types of fruit trees, so that in summer our garden can be enjoyed in more than one way. Western Europe is very suitable for keeping the most diverse types of fruit trees, ranging from apple trees to pear and plum trees. But did you know there is a large variety of exotic fruit trees that also grow well in our part of the world?

Exotic fruit trees

A good example of such a tree is the kiwi. It has its habitat on the other side of the world, in New Zealand. Maybe that is why the kiwi tree groes very well in our part of the world too. The 'common' self-pollinating kiwi is actually completely hardy. Other species, such as the kiwi berry and the red kiwi, can withstand temperatures between -13C and -20C; excellent for the average Western European winter. If it gets colder, you are advised to wrap these trees to protect them. Another fruit tree that you can find on this page is the Goji, which produces very healthy fruit. In addition to the tasty fruit, most trees have special leaves that smell very good.

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