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Fargesia Winter Joy

Fargesia Winter Joy - total height 120-150 cm - pot 10 ltr
Fargesia nitida Winter Joy Non-invasive bamboo

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Fargesia Winter Joy

The name says it all, Fargesia Winter Joy is ideal for any garden. The plant is completely hardy. In addition, the plant retains its beautiful green colour during the winter months, making your garden look great all year long. As it is a hybrid between Fargesia nitida and murieliae, Fargesia Winter Joy has proven to be very strong. Therefore, you have little to worry about with this green plant.

At MyPalmShop you will find Fargesia Winter Joy non-invasive bamboo in various sizes. You can view the wide range and choose a size that fits well in your garden. Then place the plant in the ground, tub or pot for the best results.

A remarkable grower

Fargesia Winter Joy grows abundantly and reaches heights between 350 and 400 centimetres tall. This means that you get a real eye-catcher with this plant. Your garden will therefore a major makeover as soon as the green leaves and the striking stems of Fargesia Winter Joy adorn the outdoor area.

Despite the fast growth of this plant, you will need to pay relatively little attention to the maintenance and care of the plant. It is especially important to regularly give the plant sufficient water and to find a good position in the light shade to the sun. Pruning Fargesia Winter Joy is very easy; you simply cut away the long shoots with garden shears to ensure that the bamboo remains in shape.

Want to know more about Fargesia Winter Joy?

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