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Phoenix Roebelenii

Phoenix Roebelenii is a beautiful palm species and is often called dwarf date palm. The beautiful leaves and jagged trunk of Phoenix Roebelenii provide a truly tropical character. The palm is very suitable as an indoor plant and really adds something to your interior. During the summer months, you can also place the palm outside. This way you will have a lot of pleasure from your Phoenix Roebelenii in both winter and summer.

Are you looking for a Phoenix Roebelenii as a houseplant? In our range you will find top quality palms in various heights. Whether you want to add a mature palm to your interior or are looking for a young plant - you will find what you are looking for here.

Phoenix Roebelenii as a houseplant

The beautiful leaves of Phoenix Roebelenii give the palm a graceful appearance. This plant is therefore immensely popular as a houseplant. Enrich your living room or hall with a Phoenix Roebelenii and enjoy the natural look of this palm every day. Moreover, this palm has a powerful air-purifying effect. This makes Phoenix Roebelenii not only beautiful but also healthy!

Even though Phoenix Roebelenii can grow up to 5 meters high, we still call this palm a dwarf palm. Comparable species can grow much higher. However, this makes Phoenix Roebelenii very suitable to keep as a houseplant. Make sure you give the palm enough water. Phoenix Roebelenii is a real large consumer when it comes to water absorption.

Buy your Phoenix Roebelenii at MyPalmShop

On our website you will find a diverse range of top-quality Phoenix Roebelenii dwarf palms. As a specialist in exotic plants, we can advise you carefully about the maintenance of this beautiful palm species and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Would you like a Phoenix Roebelenii dwarf palm in your interior? Then quickly order the palm of your choice and enjoy excellent service and fast shipping throughout Europe.

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