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Phoenix roebelenii

Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 5-10 cm - total height 60-80 cm - pot Ø 20 cm
Phoenix roebelenii Dwarf Date Palm

€ 34,95

per piece

Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 20-30 cm - total height 110-130 cm - pot Ø 24 cm
Phoenix roebelenii Dwarf Date Palm

€ 79,95

per piece

Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 40-50 cm Temporarily out of stock
Phoenix roebelenii Dwarf Date Palm

€ 94,95

per unit

Phoenix roebelenii - fat trunk - trunk 20-30 cm [pallet]
Phoenix roebelenii [pallet] Dwarf Date Palm

€ 115,00

per unit

Phoenix roebelenii trunk 80-100 cm [pallet]
Phoenix roebelenii [pallet] Dwarf Date Palm

€ 159,95

per piece

Phoenix roebelenii - fat trunk - trunk 50-60 cm - total height 180-220 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]
Phoenix roebelenii [pallet] Dwarf Date Palm

€ 195,00

per unit

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Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 120-140 cm - totale height 200+ cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]
Phoenix roebelenii [pallet] Dwarf Date Palm

€ 218,95

per unit

Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 140-160 cm - totale height 240+ cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]
Phoenix roebelenii [pallet] Dwarf Date Palm

€ 275,00

per unit

Phoenix roebelenii - the easy to care for palm tree

Meet Phoenix roebelenii. This palm is also known as the pygmy date palm or dwarf date palm, and for good reason. Despite that the palm tree can potentially reach a height of 5 metres, it is relatively small compared to other palm trees. Ideal for a terrace or garden as a potted plant, but even more so for an interior with sufficient light. The small size of Phoenix roebelenii makes him versatile. Phoenix roebelenii will provide a tropical ambient for any interior or garden. It is a luxurious palm tree with a relatively small crown of leaves. If used as an indoor palm, it helps purify the air as well. Phoenix roebelenii is particularly good at purifying xylene (xylol). Tropical ambience of indoors & outdoors and air purifying as well. Take a quick look at our full range!

Taking care of Phoenix roebelenii

This species of palm tree requires quite a lot of water, so make sure to provide that. Despite that, be careful not to drown the plant either; provide too much water, especially if it cannot be drained, can potentially lead to root rot, so make sure to use well drained soil and/or a pot with holes combined with a dish underneath. A useful tip for checking the humidity of the soil is by digging a few cm into the soil. If it is still wet after a few days, provide less water. If it is too dry, provide a bit more water. Generally speaking (though it depends on the amount given and the location it is placed at), Phoenix roebelenii requires about 2-3 watering during warmer periods. Provide the plant with sufficient sunlight; it is unlikely to get sunburnt quickly and grows best in a lot of sunlight. When too little light is provided, the palm will struggle in producing new leaves.

Phoenix roebelenii: the most important characteristics

Phoenix roebelenii is a popular indoor- and outdoor palm tree that can easily grow. If you are planning as keeping it indoors, place it near a window. An outdoor pygmy palm has to be placed in a sunny spot as well. If placed in a spot that is too dark, the palm tree will not grow properly. To get the most out of the palm, as much sunlight is recommended.

Phoenix roebelenii is part of the Araceae family and loves sufficient water. This is an important aspect of this palm tree. Would you like to care properly for the dwarf date palm? Ensure that the soil is never completely dry. If you let the soil go too dry too often, it may affect the ornamental value of the palm tree. If you care properly for this palm tree, however, you will get a fantastic palm tree in return. This palm is known to make many people feel happy in their own home due to its beautiful appearance.

Phoenix roebelenii hardiness

As mentioned before; Phoenix roebelenii really loves sun. But this palm tree can handle cold as well. Winter is not his favourite season, but he will easily hold his own in temperatures above freezing. Is frost expected? Then it recommended to protect an outdoor roebelenii or place them indoors.

Repotting a dwarf date palm

We recommend repotting your dwarf date palm straight away after purchase. The provided pot has often become too small and therefore cannot absorb as much water anymore, increasing the chance of the soil of going too dry. We recommend a pot that is 20-30% bigger than the current pot. Furthermore, use palm potting compost. This soil contains fertilizer and is well drained, so the chance for root rot is decreased. We also recommend repotting your palm yearly to ensure the best growth. Provide fertilizer during spring and summer. The best fertilizer for Phoenix roebelenii is slow release palm fertilizer. This is a fertilizer specially developed for palm trees. Read the instructions before applying.

Phoenix roebelenii of the best quality!

As the online specialist in palm trees, we offer various sizes of Phoenix roebelenii. Are you interested in buying a phoenix roebelenii? The palm trees we offer are of the best quality, so you can be sure to receive a strong plant. We do recommend taking a look at a palm tree’s specifications before ordering them. That way, you know what to expect from the palm tree that you have ordered. See our range of Phoenix roebelenii – there are many different sizes available.

Buying Phoenix roebelenii online at MyPalmShop

If you are planning on buying a Phoenix roebelenii, we recommend not waiting too long. Wouldn’t you want to appreciate your own tropical ambience at home as soon possible? If you still have any questions while browsing our plants, feel free to contact our experienced customer support. Once you have placed your order, you do not have to wait for long – we will process your order as quickly as possible and will ensure good packing. That way, you can enjoy the tropics at home with your own beautiful Phoenix roebelenii.