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Dasylirion wheeleri - total height 20-40 cm - pot 1,4 ltr
Dasylirion wheeleri Desert spoon - common sotol

€ 10,85

per piece

Dasylirion serratifolium - pot Ø 26 cm Sale
Dasylirion serratifolium Maguey Cucharita

€ 39,95

€ 54,95

per piece

Dasylirion wheeleri - pot Ø 27 cm
Dasylirion wheeleri Desert spoon - common sotol

€ 48,95

per piece

Dasylirion lucidum - pot Ø 28 cm
Dasylirion lucidum Mexican grass tree

€ 69,95

per piece

Nolina nelsonii - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 36 cm
Nolina nelsonii [pallet] Blue Beargrass Tree

€ 159,95

per piece

Dasylirion longissimum - trunk 10-20 cm - total height 140+ cm - pot Ø 55 cm [pallet]
Dasylirion longissimum [pallet] Mexican Grass Tree

€ 434,95

per piece


The Mexican grass tree, or Dasylirion, is a fantastic desert plant with a remarkable appearance. Its long leaf blades add to its charming look. In addition, the plant will grow a beautiful ringed trunk that truly make its appearance special. A Dasylirion will enrich your garden with a beautiful and special desert plant.

On this page you can find all Dasylirion currently in our selectie. We select our plants based on their quality and make sure they are delivered carefully to you. For advice regarding location and care of Dasylirion plants you can contact our specialists.

A tough plant as an eye catcher

You can find various sizes of Dasylirion. For example, you can pick a small plant to grow in your own garden. Alternatively, if you do not wish to wait for it to grow, you can pick a larger specimen from our selection. We occasionally have Dasylirion over 150 cm tall. The greyish blue or greyish green leaves of the plant will give that exotic look to your garden, especially combined with the beautiful trunk of the larger Mexican grass trees.

There are various species of Dasylirion available, such as Dasylirion longissimum or Dasylirion seratifolium. The various species tend to look alike but have a few differences that separate the species. These differences can be found in the growth or colour. Bear in mind not all Dasylirion species are equal in hardiness either. These aspects can all be important, depending on where you would like to plant the Mexican grass tree.

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Have you found a Dasylirion that will look fantastic at the spot where you would like to plant it in your garden? Order it easily online via our web shop. Our specialist will proceed to carefully pack the plants for transport so that it will be delivered in pristine condition to your home.

Do you have questions regarding our plants? Or would you simply like to receive personalized advice? Our experts are available for you! We can help you by providing you the vital information so you can make a suitable choice for your wishes.