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Dicksonia antarctica
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Dicksonia antarctica - pot Ø 26 cm Sale
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 5-10 cm
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 20-30 cm
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 30-40 cm Temporarily out of stock
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern

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Dicksonia antarctica - fat trunk XL - trunk 20-30 cm

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Dicksonia antarctica - fat trunk XL - trunk 30-40 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 40-50 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 60-70 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 110-120 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 120-130 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 130-140 cm [pallet]

€ 615,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 140-150 cm [pallet]

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 160-170 cm [pallet]

€ 765,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 170-180 cm [pallet]

€ 820,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 180-190 cm [pallet]

€ 875,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 190-200 cm [pallet]

€ 940,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 200-225 cm [pallet]

€ 985,00

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About Dicksonia antarctica (soft tree fern)

Dicksonia antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian tree fern, soft tree fern or man fern. This fantastic fern on a trunk originates in Australia and Tasmania. Contrary to what is sometimes said, Dicksonia antarctica does not originate in New Zealand. Dicksonia antarctica is a great addition to your garden. With simple maintenance tips you can keep the fern in good condition without too much hassle. MyPalmShop offers the Tasmanian tree fern in various sizes. From adult trees to small plants, for each home or garden we have a suitable Dicksonia antarctica. Curious? See our full range on this page.

Dicksonia antarctica for indoors & outdoors: turn your home into a tropical paradise

Dicksonia antarctica is well suited for both outdoors as well as indoors. It is the most popular tree fern as it is one of the hardiest ones available. Hence, it is a more common sight in moderate climates. It will grow well in sheltered gardens or interiors, as long as they are kept humid. The soft tree fern is a beautiful plant that will give any interior or exterior a tropical jungle look. The leaves grow very quickly, though its trunk grow quite slow. It needs a lot of water to grow properly – after all, it is a tropical rain forest plant. The trunk breaks off small particles easily when you touch. This is not bad for the plant – in fact, this is how it naturally spreads its spores.

Characteristics of Dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica can easily be recognized by its massive reddish brown or dark brown trunk that can each impressive heights of more than 5 metres. The trunk is sturdy and often covered in old leaves. The leaves can reach up to 4 metres long in their natural habitat, although in Europe they usually do not grow past 2 metres. They are lanceolate and feathered.

Maintenance trips for Dicksonia antarctica

This tree fern prefers a shady spot or at the very least half-shady. For the latter, it is extra important to keep the crown and trunk moist. The best location is one in full shade that is kept humid. Dicksonia antarctica can even withstand short moments of -10 degrees Celsius, but it is best to protect the trunk and growing point from -5 degrees Celsius. If possible, shelter soft tree ferns against wind. Ensure the soil is well drained. You can, for example, use our palm potting soil. Dicksonia antarctica does not mind in which soil it is placed. The soft tree fern can drink a lot, so make sure to spray the trunk so now and then, especially indoors. Fertilization is particularly important during spring and summer. Our slow release fertilizer can be used for Dicksonia antarctica. This will help the plant grow healthy and strong leaves.

Protecting Dicksonia antarctica

Use sufficient amounts of our climate cloth to protect a Dicksonia antarctica. Do not forget the crown of the plant as well. Apply enough mulch around the trunk, and cover this mulch layer with a root protector. You can use additional winter protection, such as old linen, reed mats, coconut mats or other varieties of cloth/fibre, as long as it is a breathable material.

Pruning Dicksonia antarctica

Once in a while it may be necessary to prune your Dicksonia antarctica. Old leaves will eventually turn brown. Once that happens, you can cut the old leaf off close to the trunk. The trunk will create new leaves quickly. By cutting old leaves you promote the growth of new leaves.


In its original habitat, these tree ferns can be found in tropical rainforests, but also on higher altitudes. The latter is why they are well suited for moderate climates. The soft tree fern is easy and adaptable and is not picky regarding its soil. They can be kept in open ground as well as in a pot. The only thing that really affects the suitability of a spot is the amount of shade. They grow best in a shady spot, though older soft tree ferns can also adapt to a sunnier location.

Dicksonia antarctica sizes and alternatives.

We can offer you Dicksonia antarctica in many different sizes. Sizes start with trunkless ferns and end with trunks of more than 2 metres tall. We also occasionally get bare root trunks in spring. Bare root trunks are often sold out very quickly and only limited in supply.

Aside Dicksonia antarctica, there are more tree ferns available. The most common species are Dicksonia and Cyathea, although we occasionally also have others, such as Blechnum. For dicksonia species, we regularly have Dicksonia fibrosa, Dicksonia lanata, Dicksonia sellowiana and Dicksonia squarrosa in stock. Cyathea medullaris, Cyathea cooperi, Cyathea australis and Cyathea tomentosissima are common Cyathea species in our assortment.

Ordering Dicksonia antarctica at MyPalmShop

When you order a Dicksonia antarctica at MyPalmShop, it will be delivered within 2-4 business days on average. Smaller sizes will be brought to you in a parcel. You can receive a track & trace code for this parcel. Larger specimens, easily recognized by the [pallet] tag in their name will be shipped on a pallet. In both cases we pack your tree fern carefully, so they do not get damaged in transit. We also only pack shortly before shipping your plants, so your ferns are not kept in a packaging unnecessarily long. We take care of them before shipping, so they can withstand the transit period.

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