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Brahea palm trees are some of the most popular palm trees. They are known for their elegant and compact growth, which makes it suited for pretty much any garden or interior. Although the edible fruit are a nice addition to Brahea palm trees, it is unlikely to grow these in European climates. Are you looking for a Brahea? Take a look at our assortment and pick the most suited Brahea palm tree.

As Brahea palm trees grow in and around Mexico, they are used to droughts. In fact, it hates wet roots. Make sure that they are always planted in well-drained soil. Brahea palm trees are among the hardiest palm trees, increasing the chances of a Brahea to survive our winters. In short, Brahea palm trees are excellent picks if you are looking for a palm tree that you can keep for many years.

The most beautiful Brahea palm trees in one place

Are you looking for a beautiful Brahea palm tree? MyPalmShop can offer you these. You can find only quality Brahea palm trees. These have picked with great care. That way we can guarantee a good quality palm tree. MyPalmShop’s palm trees will offer you years of enjoyment, both inside and outside.

If you take a look at our assortment, you can see we often have many various species of Brahea palm trees. Each of these has its own attributes. For example, the colour of the leaves can vary. Brahea edulis has green leaves, whereas Brahea armata has blueish green. Leaves of the Brahea sp. Super Silver are even silver coloured. Other differences between different Brahea species include for example sizes. Due to these differences, we are certain you can find a suitable Brahea palm tree for your garden, terrace, balcony or interior.

Order your Brahea online

If you order Brahea at MyPalmShop, we will make sure you receive the plant as fast as possible. We do not only deliver within the Netherlands, but also in most European countries. If course, we ensure a good packaging so that the plants do not get damaged in transit. If you have any questions about maintenance and care of our products, feel free to contact our customer service. You can also contact us if you are simply looking for advice.

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