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Araucaria araucana - pot 2 ltr
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 24,95

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Araucaria araucana - total height 35-45 cm - pot 3 ltr
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 32,95

per piece

Araucaria araucana pot 10 ltr Temporarily out of stock
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 94,95

per unit


Are you looking for unique and exotic plants to spruce up your interior or exterior? You have come to the right place at MyPalmShop! Our collection of Araucaria plants are great additions, partly due to their easy care. Discover the full range today and find out which araucaria fits you best.

What makes an Araucaria special?

Araucaria is not just a plant, it is an evergreen conifer that can reach up to 60 meters in its native habitats. Although these giant heights will not likely be reached quickly in your back garden or living room, an Araucaria will offer its unique charms and characteristics. Araucaria plants are special, as they are among the oldest living species of trees from prehistory.

Caring for an indoor Araucaria

Araucaria heterophylla is an ideal indoor plant. It can store water in its trunk, so it does not need regular watering. Provide water to the plant whenever the soils feels dry. During winter, it can easily survive longer periods of drought, so it needs less water. The plant does not require a huge amount of light – it is recommended to place an Araucaria approximately 2–3 metres away from the windows. If it is in a somewhat darker place, it will grow slower and use less water.

Caring for and outdoor Araucaria

Araucaria araucana prefers a sheltered location outside, preferably in full sun or partial shade. Overwatering can lead to yellowing of the leaves, so let the soil dry in between watering. Do not forget to provide fertilizer to the plant during its growth season. This enhances a healthy growth. During winter, an Araucaria goes into ‘hibernation’ for about six weeks. Avoid watering often during this period. Afterwards, the plant will be ready to grow.

Repotting Araucaria

Araucaria has a minimal root structure due to its low water needs. Whenever the roots get damaged due to repotting, it will not give any problem. Whenever you select a new pot to repot it in, you have to keep in mind that it should be about 20% larger than its current pot. That way, it will grow properly and healthy. Avoid stagnant water, as this may cause root rot. In addition, make sure you do not plant the plants too deep. The roots should be buried just beneath the surface to reduce the chance for diseases and complications.

Buying Araucaria at MyPalmShop!

If you want to buy an Araucaria, you can do so at MyPalmshop. Order your plants online in our web shop and benefit from the ease of home delivery. Araucaria prices vary from € 9,95 to € 159,95. We deliver your plants as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your new additions fast and easy. Or you can visit our stores in Erica or Wezep. We select each plant with care, so that you can be assured to receive healthy and strong additions to your in- and exterior. Our plants have been grown with care so that they can enrich your surroundings. Are you unsure which plant suits your situation best? No worries, our dedicated team is ready to help you make a fitting choice so that you can get the most out of your plants.