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Araucaria araucana - pot 2 ltr
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 24,95

per unit

Araucaria araucana - total height 35-45 cm - pot 3 ltr
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 32,95

per piece

Araucaria araucana pot 10 ltr
Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree

€ 94,95

per unit


Araucarias are well suited plants for European gardens. They like the wet climates found around Europe. Auracarias are often winter hardy – some even past -20 degrees. If you are looking for an Araucaria, then MyPalmShop is the right place. See our assortment to find a suited Araucaria.

Araucarias are evergreen conifer trees, meaning they keep their green colour all year round. Having an Araucaria in your garden ensures a green garden even in winter. Araucarias are not only suited for gardens, as some are suited for interiors as well.

An Araucaria for everyone

Whoever thinks there is only one species of Araucaria is wrong. If you look at the assortment at MyPalmShop quickly reveals that there are multiple species available. The most commonly offered species in the assortment of MyPalmShop is Araucaria Araucana, which is offered in multiple sizes. In addition, we regularly offer Araucaria bidwillii, a great alternative for your garden, or araucaria heterophylla, a great pine for your interior. Furthermore, we sometimes offer Araucaria angustifolia as well.

Are you buying an Araucaria at MyPalmShop? You will not regret a purchase at MyPalmShop. We select the plants in our assortment with great care, ensuring good quality and strong plants. That way, we can provide you plants with a long-life expectancy and well-maintained plants. This also applies for your Araucaria. You can be sure you will receive a plant that you can keep for many years to come.

Order Araucaria quick and easy

Do you wish not to spend a lot of effort in getting an Araucaria at home? Order at MyPalmShop. We will ensure a quick and careful delivery. We do not only deliver in The Netherlands, but in most of Europe. We will pack your Araucaria with great care, so that they will not get damaged in transit. We can offer you great service and additional advice such as maintenance.

Have you purchased an Araucaria at MyPalmShop, but are you looking for extra additions? Take a look at the full assortment offered at MyPalmShop. We offer a large amount of other exotic plants as well. If you do not know which plants to purchase, we can help you with fitting advice.