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Root barrier

Root barrier for bamboo x 30 cm (2mm) - per metre

€ 6,55

per meter

Root barrier for bamboo x 50 cm (2mm) - per metre

€ 8,75

per meter

Root barrier for bamboo x 100 cm (1mm) - per metre
Root barrier for bamboo 100 cm (1 mm)

€ 9,85

per meter

Root barrier for bamboo x 60 cm (2mm) - per metre

€ 9,85

per meter

Root Barrier Connection 50cm

€ 28,95

per piece

Root Barrier Connection 60cm

€ 32,95

per piece

Root Barrier Connection 70cm

€ 36,95

per piece

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Root barrier for bamboo x 50 cm (2mm) - roll of 25 metres
Root barrier for bamboo 50 cm (2mm) - roll of 25 metres

€ 218,95

per Roll à 25 metre

Root barrier for bamboo x 60 cm (2mm) - roll of 20 metres
Root barrier for bamboo 60 cm (2 mm) - roll of 20 metres

€ 246,95

per Roll of 20 metres

Root barrier

Would you like to plant root barrier in your garden? Do not forget your root barrier around the bamboo. That way, you prevent the bamboo from spreading around. If you are looking for root barrier, then MyPalmShop can help you. In our web shop you can find various root barriers to prevent your bamboos from spreading

A lot of people do not see the merit of root barrier. For most gardens, this is indeed not neccesary, but if you have invasive bamboos, you will need it. Without it, the bamboo will appear all over your (and your neighbour’s) garden. This can happen at a very quick pace, pushing up tiles and breaking your pathways. Buy your root barrier to prevent this.

A suitable root barrier for everyone

At first, all our root barrier may appear the same. And although their appearance is indeed the same, there are some differences. We offer root barriers of 30 centimetres, but also 50, 60, 70 and 100 centimetres. The larger the size, the deeper it can be placed. In addition to the size, there are some variations on the thickness. The thinnest root barrier is 1,2 millimetres thick, the thickest size is 3 millimetres thick. Thicker root barriers increase the difficulity for your bamboos to spread.

Applying root barriers around your bamboo is very easy. To make it even easier, MyPalmShop offers a connection set for root barriers. This aluminium set is required to connect the ends of a root barrier to another. The set is generally available in 60 and 70 centimetres. The connection set includes screws.

Order online at MyPalmShop

Have you fround a suitable root barrier? Or do you simply need the connection set? You can order them online with great ease. As soon as we receive your order, we will start processing. That way, you never have to wait long to receive your order. Do you live outside of the Netherlands? Do not worry. We can deliver in almost every European country.

Are you unsure which root barriers to order? Or do you have a different question regarding root barrier? Feel free to contact us. Our employees are glad to help you and will offer a professional advice about root barrier.