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Shibataea kumasaca - total height 40-60 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Shibataea kumasaca Ruscus-leaf bamboo


Fargesia nitida Volcano - pot 2 ltr
Fargesia nitida Volcano Non-invasive bamboo


Sold out Fargesia rufa - total height 60+ cm - pot 5 ltr
Fargesia rufa Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia nitida Black Pearl - pot 10 ltr
Fargesia nitida Black Pearl Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia scabrida - pot 10 ltr
Fargesia scabrida Asian Wonder Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia nitida Volcano - pot 10 ltr [pallet]
Fargesia nitida Volcano [pallet] Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia jiuzhaigou - pot 10 ltr
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia robusta Campbell - pot 10 ltr
Fargesia robusta Campbell Non-invasive bamboo


Clumping bamboo

Fargesia bamboo is a clumping bamboo that is very popular in European gardens. Several species, such as Fargesia rufa, are completely hardy and well suited for the European climates. These non-invasive bamboo species grow well in both containers as well as planted in open ground. Zowel in een plantenbak als in de volle grond komt deze niet woekerende bamboe zeer goed tot z’n recht. These species will even be an eye catcher for balconies! Use a wide cotainer against the side of your balcony for a natural separation and extra privacy. Take a look at all species of clumping bamboo and decide for yourself!

Clumping bamboo is popular for good reasons. Aside from the easy maintenance, they are also known for their beautiful appearance. You will feel as if you are in a tropical area if you are surrounded by bamboo. Whether planted in a border, container or on a balcony – Fargesia clumping bamboos will turn every outside area into a paradise.

Why clumping bamboo?

Bamboo is known for its invasive characteristic and that is difficult to control. Gardens with invasive bamboo species often have these bamboos return or spread to areas away from their original planting spot. Clumping bamboos have a signifcant different characteristic. They do not become an invasive species and mainly grows upwards. That way, you stay in control over your plants which allows you to optimally enjoy these beautiful plants.

Some clumping bamboos can reach heights of 5 metres tall. Fortunately, if you do not wish to have bamboos of 5 metres tall, you can simply prune them. That way, you can always decide the right height and help keep the bamboo in the shape you would like it to be. The best period for pruning of clumping bamboos is in May or June. Of course, you can simply choose a variety that does not grow that high in the first place.

Ordering Clumping bamboo at MyPalmShop

Would you like to add Fargesia clumping bamboos to your garden, terrace or balcony? Take a look at our assortment and choose a plant that fulfils all your requirements. You can always count on the highest quality plants and excellent service. For example, we garantuee a quick delivery within entire Europe. In addition, we are well available for questions or personal advice.

Take a lok at our other garden plants and put your own collection together. Whether you wish you create a beautiful border or simply make your balcony look nicer, our exotic plants will always do the trick.

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