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Are you looking for a palm tree for your garden? Consider a Trachycarpus palm tree. By ordering one of these palm trees, you will certainly bring an eye catcher to your home. Chusan palm or windmill palm, as Trachycarpus palms are also called, can reach impressive sizes. They have a rough and sturdy appearance. MyPalmShop offers various species of these popular palm trees. Plenty of reason to take a look at our assortment.

Origin of Trachycarpus palm trees

Trachycarpus palms originate in China, India and southeast Asia, but can be found all around Europe nowadays as well. It was introduced to Europe more in 1830 years ago. It most commonly found in parks and public gardens. Furthermore, more and more people are adding Trachycarpus palms to their garden as well. It is popular due to its appearance, as it has a rough, fibrous trunk and fan shaped leaves. This impressive palm species is a must have for your garden.

hardy palm tree

Aside from its appearance, there is an additional reason to obtain a Trachycarpus. Trachycarpus palm trees are popular for their hardiness. Some species can withstand temperatures of -17 degrees celcius. Should it become colder than that, it will require additional protection. If you do not do so, it may become damaged or worse. Nonetheless, there are multiple stories of Trachycarpus palms surviving frosts worse than -17. There are recorded palm trees that have even survived up to -27 degrees Celsius in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Trachycarpus palms are most commonly found in moderate climates such as those in Europe. They dislike tropical climates.

Available in various sizes

Have you been convinced by the characteristics of these palm trees? If so, you probably are interested in buying your own Trachycarpus. In that case, MyPalmShop can help you. As you may have seen, we offer various species in our assortment. The difference is not only in the appearance, but also in the sizes. For example, we have Chusan palm trees of a few metres. If that is too high, we also sell smaller specimens of Chusan palm trees.

Ordering Trachycarpus at MyPalmShop

Are you looking to buy a Chusan palm tree without too much effort? Order your palm tree at MyPalmShop. In our webshop you can place your order with just a few clicks. After we have received your order, we will proceed to prepare your order immidiately. That way, you never have to wait long to receive your ordered goods. Are you not sure which Trachycarpus to order? Contact us. Our employees can help you choose the right Trachycarpus based on your requirements or preferences.

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