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Pachypodium lamerei - pot Ø 18 cm
Pachypodium lamerei Madagascar palm


Syagrus romanzoffiana sp. Santa Catarina - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 14 cm


Washingtonia robusta - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm


Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 22 cm


Cycas revoluta - total height 50-60 cm - pot Ø 14 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Phoenix canariensis - total height 80-120 cm - pot Ø 26 cm
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm


Cycas revoluta - total height 60-80 cm - pot Ø 17 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Cycas revoluta - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 19 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm


Washingtonia robusta - total height 100-130 cm - pot Ø 26 cm
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm


Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 120-140 cm - pot Ø 26 cm


Phoenix roebelenii - trunk 5-10 cm - total height 60-80 cm - pot Ø 20 cm
Phoenix roebelenii Dwarf Date Palm


Sold out Dypsis decaryi - total height 90-110 cm - pot Ø 20 cm
Dypsis decaryi Triangle palm tree


Sold out Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - pot Ø 20 cm


Washingtonia robusta - trunk 20-30 cm - total height 150-180 cm - pot Ø 32 cm [pallet]


Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 140+ cm - pot Ø 35 cm


Sale Aanbieding Howea forsteriana - total height 160-180 cm - pot Ø 24 cm
Howea forsteriana Kentia palm



Sold out Caryota mitis - pot Ø 33 cm [pallet]
Caryota mitis [pallet] Clustering fishtail palm


Sold out Bismarckia nobilis - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 24 cm
Bismarckia nobilis Bismark Palm


Sold out Wodyetia bifurcata - total height 110-130 cm - pot Ø 24 cm
Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail palm


Syagrus romanzoffiana sp. Santa Catarina - total height 150+ cm - pot Ø 24 cm


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Indoor palms - easy to maintain

Are you also fond of the appealing appearance of palm trees and would you like to bring their ambiance indoors? Refresh any interior with the most beautiful indoor palm trees. These exotic plants create a tropical and pleasant atmosphere in your home and generally require little maintenance. Ideal for those looking to enjoy beautiful plants at home without intensive care. Take a look at our entire range of indoor palm trees and be inspired by the large amounts of different species, sizes and colours.

Are you looking for more information about a specific palm tree? Click on the products to read more about a product’s specifications. You can find information regarding care, location, potential hardiness and more for your preferred indoor palms.

Maintenance of indoor palm trees

Who would not want an indoor palm tree? There is a reason why indoor palm trees are so popular for many different interiors. They create a tropical ambiance but generally do not need intensive care. There are a few tips to keep in mind regarding health of your indoor palm. For example you need to keep watering in mind. Some plants originate in arid regions and thus can easily survive less water. Generally speaking, plants with thicker and tougher leaves require less water to remain healthy.

It may seem like a logical thing to do, but it may not necessarily be best to place your indoor palm tree in full sun. Most indoor palm trees prefer a spot with a lot of light, but outside of direct sunlight. The best spot is where the palm receives plenty of light but a limited amount of direct sunlight on their leaves. That is generally the best to keep your palm tree happy and green. It is beneficial for most palms to occasionally spray the leaves with water. It keeps them clean and allows for a better intake of light. It can also prevent your palm from becoming sick.

Palm species

Among indoor palms, you can find various different species with each their own characteristics. At MyPalmShop, you can find all of the popular varieties of indoor palms, so you can choose the species that fits your interior. Read the various descriptions for more information about the care, location and other important aspects on their pages. The following species can commonly be found in our assortment:

  • Washingtonia robusta
  • Cycas revoluta
  • Macrozamia communis
  • Lytocaryum weddellianum
  • Thrinax radiata
  • Howea forsteriana
  • Phoenix roebelenii
  • Dypsis decaryi
  • Ptychosperma elegans
  • Livistona decipiens
  • Beaucarnea recurvata

Repotting indoor palm trees

Does your indoor palm tree outgrow its pot? Repotting is an important matter, especially for any indoor plat. By repotting your plants in time, they can grow better and stronger without the limitations a too small pot would bring along. You can use a pot that is approximately 20% larger than its old pot. That gives your palm tree another 1-2 year before it needs a new repotting again. The best time to repot your plants is in spring.

Unique interior with an indoor palm tree

Indoor palm trees are getting increasingly popular in European interiors. This is not surprising, considering the fact that they create a pleasant ambiance to any room. The ornamental leaves and tough trunk are a welcome change to the traditional indoor plants.

A palm tree creates a summery ambiance. Interior palm trees such as Phoenix roebelenii or Washingtonia robusta are excellently suited to turn your living room into a tropical paradise. As some palm trees can grow fast, they will become imposing additions to your interior. A real eye catcher! Make sure you have sufficient room if you are planning on buying a fast growing palm tree. That way, they can grow optimally.

Buying your indoor palm trees at MyPalmShop

Are you looking for a specific palm tree species or are you trying to figure out which palm tree suits your interior best? Take a look in our wide range of indoor palm trees and compare them to find the one you think is the most beautiful. By checking the product pages you can see and read everything about the palm tree so you know what you need to know before you place your order. Of course, you can count out suitable advice if you need it. You can simply contact our experienced specialists and they will help you with selecting the right palm tree. We are glad to share everything we know about palm trees and other exotic plants.

Are you looking for interior palm trees to add to your interior? See the full range of indoor palm trees on this page. We select only palm trees of the best quality so you can be enjoy your palm tree for a long time after your purchase.

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