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Fargesia nitida Black Pearl Non-invasive bamboo


Fargesia nitida Black Pearl

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl is known as a non-invasive (clumping) bamboo. This remarkable bamboo species prefers a half-shady spot and can withstand frosts well. Fargesia nitida Black Pearl can reach heights between 3 and 3,5 metres. Is this your bamboo? Take a look at our full range and discover the beauty of this plant.

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl: a new generation of bamboo

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl is a direct descendant if various nitida species from 2005. Thus, this species is known as the new generation of bamboo and is known to be particularly strong. Remarkable are the stems, which are often purple to black of colour. This in large contrast to the green leaves. It is exactly this contrast that makes this bamboo so special. The wide growth is a characteristic of this bamboo species. You can use Fargesia nitida Black pearl as both a solitary plant or as a hedge.

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl loves shade

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl is know to love shade. This bamboo species is also very well suited to keep in a container, as it barely spreads. New shoots appear near the motherplant, so it does spread but only close to its core. This bamboo is not invasive and thus will not appear all over the place.

Different growh pattern compared to 'running bamboos'

Fargesia nitida Black Pearl is a plant that does not require a root barrier protection, as the growth pattern of Fargesia species differs significantly from invasive species. Even if you would like to limit the spreading of the clumping bamboos, it is already sufficient to put some stones or bricks around the plant to limit it.

Buying Fargesia nitida Black Pearl online?

This new species of bamboo fits in every garden, especially if you love the black/green contrast that can handle European winters. You do not have to worry about winter, nor about spreading. Does that sound appealing? Take a look in our full range and place your order today. De nieuwe bamboesoort is ideaal voor in elke tuin. Zeker wanneer u liefhebber bent van contrast en een sterke bamboesoort zoekt die ook nog eens bestand is tegen de Nederlandse kou. Voor overwoekering hoeft u nooit bang te zijn, de scheuten blijven namelijk altijd in de buurt van de moederplant. Klinkt goed? Neem snel een kijkje in ons aanbod en plaats vandaag nog uw bestelling.

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