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The Bonsai tree

The Bonsai tree originates from Japan. The word bonsai is the Japanese translation of 'tree in pot'. The Japanese turned making small plants look like miniature trees into a real art form. A bonsai tree has to be regularly pruned, repotted and wired to keep it small. It takes years of work to perfect the impression of a tree and to turn it into a work of art. Bonsai trees are very appealing because of their specific shapes and design. Plants that are commonly used as bonsai trees include the cypress, the fig, boxwood, the small Trachycarpus wagnerianus and bamboo plants.

A great hobby

It is not surprising that many people are now addicted to the bonsai tree 'hobby'. It really is a challenge to make the plants look as beautiful as possible, to keep them small and to provide them with a certain natural style. Examples of styles are the straight style, the windblown style and the cascade style, where it looks like the plant is clinging to a mountain slope. Are you itching to get started? Then start this fascinating hobby today for years of creative and meditative pleasure.

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