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Bonsai Focus - 300 ml
Bonsai Focus Bottle 300 ml

€ 8,75

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Olea europaea Wild Form - pot Ø 26 cm

€ 24,95

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Olea europaea - sphere form - trunk height 60-80 cm - trunk circumference 8-12 cm - pot Ø 26 cm

€ 29,95

per piece

Olea europaea - pyramid - pot Ø 35 cm

€ 69,95

per piece


Bonsai literally translates to: tree in pot. Commonly, it refers to a small tree in a dish, but it can also refer to trees from various species. Bonsai tries to imitate nature itself, with all kinds of shapes. In theory, every tree is suited for bonsai. With the right care they can reach hundreds of years old. They do not even need to be repotted every year either.

Bonsai originates in China. Here they took tree saplings from mountain slopes. The art of bonsai reached Japan around 1200. They turned the art of bonsai into what we know as bonsai nowadays. They took these tree saplings and made them grow to look like a miniature tree. It is deliberately kept small by regular pruning, repotting and using wires to shape the tree to a real artwork. This can take many years before they reach the perfect size and shape. Bonsai are known to have extraordinary shapes. Common trees used for bonsai are various species of Cypress, Figs, Buxus but also palm trees and various bamboo species.

Bonsai did not appear in Europe until roughly 1900. After that, it took another 50 years to truly spread over the Western world. Bonsai was originally used with hardy trees for outdoors in temperate climates, but as the demand for indoor bonsai trees increased, tropical and sub-tropical trees were also used for indoors. Nowadays, you can find species for both outdoors and indoors.

Maintaining bonsai trees

The beautiful appearance of the tree is not created by itself. It usually takes special tools. Aside from pruning, iron wires are used to shape the tree. To remain healthy, a bonsai tree needs water and fertilizer. We recommend giving special bonsai fertilizer to ensure the right nutrients for bonsai trees.

As bonsai trees should be placed in well-drained soil, it is important to keep an eye on the watering level. During the growth season, it is important to check your plant regularly to make sure it does not dry out. For some species it is even recommended to check multiple times per day during the hottest summer days.

Ordering bonsai trees online

Would you like to have a bonsai tree yourself? You can find a wide range of bonsai trees at MyPalmShop. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor bonsai, you can find it in our web shop. You can simply place the order online.

As soon as we have received your order, we will prepare it for delivery. We take care when packing our orders. That way, you can have your bonsai at home in no time and in pristine condition!