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A beautiful lawn can bring tranquility to the garden and stands out nicely against the various plant borders. It can, however, be a challenge to keep the lawn looking beautiful. Weeds running amock and adverse weather conditions can cause damage to the lawn. Bare or brown patches will start to appear, which will make the appearance of the garden less beautiful. To keep a lawn looking great, it is important to use the right products. It is of course no guarantee that your lawn will stay nice, but with the use of the right grass turves or seeds you are certainly on the right track.

Grass seed or turf

There are several grass seeds available, all suited to the specific needs of the user. Are you looking for a nice, even lawn that you can walk on? Then choose fast-growing grass seeds. These grass seeds are also suitable for wet soil. If you want to put in a lawn that is suitable for playing on, it is better to choose a more robust grass species that will get damaged less quickly. There are also seeds for shady lawns. If you'd rather not wait until the grass has grown, you can also opt for turf. Turf is delivered on a roll which can be put in the garden straight away, so that you can immediately start to enjoy a great lawn!

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