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Chamaerops humilis

Do you want to give your garden an exotic twist? Chamaerops humilis it he perfect plant for your garden or balcony. It is well known as the European dwarf palm, and it is the only palm tree that originates in Europe. The palm is used to colder winters and thus is hardy. The ideal palm for European gardens.

A unique characteristic of Chamaerops humilis compared to other palms is that it does not grow large very quickly. Although the palm can easily survive winter, it is important to keep it dryer during cold periods. It loves sunlight, so make sure to place it on a sunny location.

Chamaerops humilis: add a bit of the tropics to your garden

Tropical Ibiza-themes are getting increasingly popular, as can be seen in how commonly it can be found in gardens and homes. Chamaerops humilis is a perfect palm that can fit this theme. The palm, which is also known as the European fan palm, has a pleasant exotic look. Although many palm trees generally grow taller, Chamaerops humilis is ideal for a terrace, border or on a balcony. It generally grows up to 1-2 metres tall, although it is possible for them to grow taller.

What are the specifications?

At MyPalmShop you can find a large assortment of Chamaerops humilis palm trees. To get a proper idea of the characteristics and specifications, we recommend reading our product information. That way, you get a better impression of the possibilities of your purchases.

Buying Chamaerops humilis

Such a beautiful palm tree on your balcony or garden, who would not like that? Fortunately you are on the right page. You can find plenty of Chamaerops humilis palms that will turn your home into a tropical paradise. Do you have any questions about any palm tree? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with advice. Have you made a decision? Place your order today, so that we can prepare and ship your order for a quick delivery.

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