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Dishes - Ø 18 cm
Dish Ø 18 cm


Dishes - Ø 20 cm
Dish Ø 20 cm


Dishes - Ø 25 cm
Dish Ø 25 cm


Palm Coir Brick 650 g


Dishes - Ø 30 cm
Dish Ø 30 cm


Dishes - Ø 35 cm
Dish Ø 35 cm


Dishes - Ø 40 cm
Dish Ø 40 cm


Clay growing stone Hydro 5 Ltr


Irrigation mat 100 x 125 cm
Irrigation mat 100 x 125 cm


Bioflor Premium Potting compost for Citrus - 10 ltr
Citrus Potting compost - 10 ltr Bioflor Citrus potting soil


Sold out Dishes - Ø 50 cm
Dish Ø 50 cm


Clay growing stone Hydro 10 Ltr


Bettergrow Perlite - 3 ltr


Palm potting compost - 45 ltr
Palm potting compost Bag of 45 ltr


Clay growing stone Hydro 25 Ltr


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Potting compost: thorough nutrition

Plants grow best when their roots are surrounded by firm, nutritious soil. Potting compost is pre-prepared soil full of good nutrients, which you can use for your balcony, terrace and garden plants. Potted plants and even plants planted in the garden will be grateful for the extra nutrients they get throughout the year. It is also important to provide plants with fresh, nutritious soil when repotting them. In our webshop you will find both universal and specialised soil, so you can better meet the needs of your plants.

Specialised potting compost

Some plants require extra attention and specific nutrition. For these plants we have specialised composts in our assortment. Examples are rose soil, pond plant soil, orchids potting soil and bonsai potting soil. Young plants, cuttings and seeds also require an extra nutritional boost. For this purpose we sell special compost for cuttings. Your plants will visibly improve with these specific nutrients. Furthermore, we sell compressed coconut block (Neem Coir) and various types of hydro grain for better growth results and beautiful plants. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about these special composts.

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