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Climbers: gardening in the third dimension

Climbers can be a great asset to your garden. They do not need much space, as they only grow upwards, so there is always room for a number of climbers in the garden. Climbers produce beautiful flowers and/or delicious fruits, often at eye level. These plants can also be used to cover any unattractive walls and fences that you may have in your garden. Almost all climbers originate from tropical or subtropical climate zones, where they tried to survive the lush greenery around them. Their strategy was to win the battle for sunlight by making smart use of nearby trees and shrubs. Many climbers, such as Clematis, have fairly weak stems with which they wind themselves around their hosts. This is less appreciated in our own gardens, as we also want the host plants to be visible. Instead we often grow these climbers against poles or fences, on which they unfortunately do not get much grip. We can, however, assist the climbers by tying them up or allowing them to grow against a trellis. Other climbers, such as ivy or hydrangea anchor themselves in the ground. Perfect plants, of course, if you have unattractive walls or fences to hide!

Climbing plants for every garden

We can imagine you wll be thrilled when looking at our wide range of beautiful climbers. There is a lot to choose from and all plants are of top quality. Apart from our extensive range, our prices are also extremely attractive. What about Lonicera, or Honeysuckle? These are fantastic climbers with beautiful, complex flowers that give off delicious sweet scents as a bonus. Great to put near your terrace, so you can fully enjoy it. Or what about a fruit-bearing climber, such as Actinidia (kiwi), blackberry, raspberry or a grape. Enjoy watching the fruits ripening and enjoy eating them!

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