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Fargesia rufa

Fargesia rufa - total height 40-70 cm - pot 2 ltr
Fargesia rufa Non-invasive bamboo

€ 9,95

per piece

Fargesia rufa

Discover the enchanting world of Fargesia rufa, a non-invasive bamboo species that can transform your garden. With its origin in the Chinese provinces Gansu and Sichuan, Fargesia rufa offers a good growth speed and charming reddish-brown stems. Are you convinced to buy a Fargesia rufa? You can find them at MyPalmShop. Have a look at our full range.

Fargesia rufa as a hedge

Fargesia rufa is an amazing choice for everyone that would like to create a hedge. Due to its compact and fast growth, Fargesia rufa is particularly well suited to form a hedge. This bamboo species is evergreen and adds a continuous green touch to your garden.

Non-invasive bamboo

It is a well-known fact that many bamboo species spread quickly and can be very invasive if no root barrier is used. That is why one of the most appreciated characteristics of Fargesia rufa is that it is non-invasive. As a clump forming bamboo, you will not have to worry about unwanted spreading of this plant in your (or your neighbour’s) garden.


Although its non-invasive characteristic is often reason enough for people to buy it, it provides more advantages. This bamboo is not just an evergreen plant, so that you can enjoy green all year round, but it is also exceptionally hardy. This bamboo species can easily survive temperatures down to -20 ℃ without protection. With severe frost, dry wind or direct sunlight, its leaves may temporarily roll and discolour, but a Fargesia rufa is guaranteed to recover in Spring with new leaves, allowing the plant to regain its lush appearance in no-time!

Best location for a Fargesia rufa

When it comes to its location, a Fargesia rufa is not picky. This bamboo can thrive in both full sun and shade. It also does not need anything specific from its soil. The only thing to keep in mind, is that it should have good drainage.

Caring for Fargesia rufa

Caring for Fargesia rufa is very straightforward. Regular fertilising from March until October will enhance better growth and stronger roots. As Fargesia rufa is a quick grower, pruning can help keep the plant compact. Pruning a bamboo also helps the young shoots grow more, which will eventually replace the older stems. We recommend doing this about twice per year.

Buying Fargesia rufa at MyPalmShop!

We understand that the choice for a new bamboo is not just about the Fargesia rufa price or Fargesia rufa growth speed, but also the added value to your garden. Order a Fargesia rufa online at MyPalmShop and benefit from the convenient home delivery. We deliver the plants in no-time. Or visit our store in Wezep or our greenhouse in Erica. We select each plant with care, so that you can be sure to receive a beautiful addition to your in- and exterior. Do you still hesitate which plants suit your situation? No worries, our dedicated team is ready to help you make your choice, so that you can enjoy your new additions.