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Fargesia rufa

Fargesia rufa

Non-invasive bamboo
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This very strong bamboo is perfect if you are looking for a non-invasive bamboo. Fargesia rufa is a clumping bamboo, preventing it from 'wandering around' your garden. Fargesia rufa is a beautiful bamboo which serves well as a hedge. It is a wintergreen and winter hardy plant, meaning it will look good all year around. Furthermore, it remains nice and compact, giving it a dense look, and it grows faster than most other Fargesia bamboos. Rufa can handle pruning well. In fact, it is recommended, as it enhances the bamboos growth. It will take approximately 3 years before a small bamboo hedge grows to a full, dense bamboo hedge. Fargesia rufa grows many shoots, and intersestingly enough, these many shoots get a beautiful red colour during the yearly growth of new shoots.

This bamboo can handle any type of soil, though take care of the drainage in clay soil. The ground can be a bit wet, but should not be too swampy. Nitrogen or organic fertilizers will help the bamboo grow, but steer clear of artificial fertilizer. Artificial fertilizer (aside from specially developed bamboo fertilizers) will make the bamboo grow in height too fast, making it weaker and more likely to break.

The rufa bamboo is also not picky whether it is in full sun or shade. Both locations work for it, making it very adaptable and easy to keep. It is possible to keep a Fargesia in a pot, but make sure excess water can escape the pot. Be careful with warm and windy weather, as that can dry out the pot and plant very quickly. Furthermore, make sure that the pot is strong, as weaker materials can be broken by the bamboo's strong roots.

Colour of the stems: green
Maximum height: +/- 250-300 cm
Shape: bushy
location: Sunny/half shady
Invasive: non-invasive
Suitable as a hedge: yes
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Total height:

60+ cm


5 ltr

Plants per metre:


Plants per m²:



Winter hardiness:

Fully hardy


Water moderately


Light sun/light shade

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