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Perennials are a must-have for your garden. This does not only apply for larger gardens, but also for gardens of a few square metres. Why can these perennials not be left out? They bring colour, smell, and beauty to your garden. You can find various perennials in the assortment of MyPalmShop.

Are you looking for perennials for your garden? You have plenty of choices at MyPalmShop. Perennials are available in many different species, sizes, and colours. Do not just choose a plant at random but think carefully before you decide. It is best to purchase perennials that flower at different times. That way, you can have a flowering garden for as long as possible. Be careful not to choose too many different colours. This prevents you from creating unity in your garden.

The best perennials for every garden

Have you seen the full assortment of MyPalmShop? Then you may have noticed we have various border plants and perennials available. These are each unique and have different sizes and colours. That way, we can ensure that there is a perennial suited for every garden.

To be able to appreciate these plants for as long as possible, maintenance is necessary. Fortunately, many of these do not require a lot of work to be properly maintained – at least, not if you order them at MyPalmShop. We select high quality plants exclusively. We keep the quality, life expectancy and maintenance in mind when selecting our plants. That way, you can be sure to receive high quality perennials when you order at MyPalmShop.

Order your perennials online

It is possible for find perennials at every garden centre. Do you not feel like heading outside to purchase plants? Simply order your perennials online at MyPalmShop. You can simply do so from your home. We will make sure that you receive your plants with good care and swift delivery. We can deliver in most of Europe.

Because we want to prevent your perennials from taking damage in transit, we will carefully pack them before shipping. That way, they will arrive at your home in good condition, so that you can plant them immediately upon delivery. Would you like to learn more about the best location for your plant, or do you have any questions regarding maintenance of your perennials? Feel free to contact us. Our employees will be able to tell you everything about the perennials in our assortment.

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