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Yucca baccata - pot Ø 38 cm
Yucca baccata Banana Yucca


Yucca rigida - trunk 70-80 cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Silver-leaf yucca


Yucca rostrata - trunk 40-50 cm - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 43 cm [Pallet]


Yucca rigida - trunk 80-90 cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Silver-leaf yucca


Yucca filifera - trunk 125-150 cm [pallet]


Yucca rostrata - trunk 50-60 cm - total height 140-160 cm - pot Ø 43 cm [Pallet]


Yucca rigida - trunk 100-110 cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Silver-leaf yucca


Yucca rostrata - trunk 60-70 cm - total height 150-170 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]


Yucca rostrata - trunk 70-80 cm - total height 170-190 cm - pot Ø 48 cm [pallet]


Yucca torreyi trunk 90-100 cm [pallet]


Yucca rostrata - trunk 80-90 cm - total height 200+ cm - pot Ø 55 cm [pallet]


Yucca rigida - trunk 80 + 80 cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Silver-leaf yucca


Yucca rigida - circumference 70-80 cm - trunk 120-150 cm - total height 260+ cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Silver-leaf yucca


Yucca rigida - trunk 90 + 80 + 60 cm [pallet]
Yucca rigida [pallet] Yucca luminosa


Yucca rigida - 4 headed - trunk 90 + 40 + 140 cm [pallet]


Yucca rostrata - fat trunk - circumference 100-110 cm - trunk 150-170 cm - total height 300+ cm [pallet]


Yucca rostrata - fat trunk - circumference 100-110 cm - trunk 150-170 cm - total height 280+ cm [pallet]


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Yucca, also known as the palm lily, is an iconic plant with a rough appearance that symbolizes the deserts and prairies well. This versatile plant, suited for indoors and outdoors, has ornamental, pointy leaves that make any area look nicer. At MyPalmShop, you can find a large range of Yucca plants to spruce up your interior or garden.

Yucca species

Yucca is known as palm lilies due to their large, white flower bundles in Spring. They are evergreen and can reach impressive heights, with species that reach a trunk height of 4 metres tall and leaves of about 50 cm tall. Each species has its own characteristics and requires specific care.

  • Rostrata This extremely resilient is able to sustain severe punishment without lasting effect. It is fully hard and grows a beautiful trunk.
  • Rupicola This small plant has leaves that grow cluster-like with slightly twisted leaves, combined with beautiful white flowers.
  • Schidigera This species is exceptionally hardy and can survive temperatures below -20°C. They are known for their medicinal uses.
  • Gloriosa This exotic palm lily with green or green-yellow leaves is hardy and produces white flowers in July and August.
  • Aloifolia Its purple faded, toothed leaves and decorative trunks make this Yucca an excellent addition to your garden.
  • Baccata This banana yucca owes its name to the banana-shaped fruit. The blueish green leaves and its white to cream-coloured flowers make this a showy specimen.
  • Filamentosa With its long, pointy leaves that hang mostly horizontally, combined with the impressive white flowers commonly produced, make for an impressive outdoor Yucca.
  • Elata This soaptree has small, pointy leaves with fibres. It is a rare but impressive addition to his garden or terrace.

Maintaining a palm lily

Palm lilies are easily cared for due to their ability to store water in their trunk. They do not require a lot of water – they can go without water for 6 weeks during winter! In Summer, they can use additional water, especially on warm days. Spraying is not necessary – they tolerate dry air extremely well. Ensure they receive at least 5 hours of sunlight to keep their leaves in good condition. Some Yucca species can be used indoors, whereas others are hardy, and can survive outside as well.

Pruning Yucca

These plants generally require little pruning, but some maintenance may be needed occasionally. We recommend removing dead or wilting leaves regularly. Consider topping the plant if it grows too large, though, know that the recovery will take time. Prune the flower stalks after flowing in late summer or early fall. Ensure the base of the plant is free of debris and weeds. Don’t forget that the specific needs of Yucca varieties can vary, so adjust the care based on the type of yucca.

Buying Yucca at MyPalmShop

At MyPalmShop, you can choose from a wide selection of high quality Yucca plants for both indoors and outdoors. We strive to exclusively have high quality plants. Our expert customer service is always available to help you with advice, whether you are an experienced gardener or a starter. Discover our assortment and add a touch of rough beauty with the versatile Yucca.

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