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Ficus carica Brown Turkey - trunk 60-80 cm - circumference 10-15 cm [pallet]


Quercus ilex - pot Ø 35 cm
Quercus ilex [pallet] Holly oak tree


Delonix regia - pot Ø 28 cm [pallet]
Delonix regia [pallet] Royal poinciana


Sophora microphylla Sun King - pot Ø 28 cm [pallet]


Acer palmatum Dissectum - trunk 55-65 cm - total height 100-120 cm - pot 15 ltr
Acer palmatum Dissectum Japanese maple


Acer palmatum Dissectum Garnet - trunk 50-60 cm - total height 110-130 cm - pot 15 ltr


Acer palmatum Shaina - trunk 60-80 cm - total height 110-130 cm - pot 15 ltr
Acer Palmatum Shaina Japanese maple


Acer palmatum Skeeters broom - trunk 60-70 cm - total height 120-140 cm - pot 15 ltr


Acer palmatum Tamukeyama - trunk 55-65 cm - total height 110-130 cm - pot 15 ltr
Acer Palmatum Tamukeyama Japanese maple


Metrosideros excelsa - pot Ø 38 cm
Metrosideros excelsa Pohutukawa - Iron tree


Spathodea campanulata - pot Ø 28 cm [pallet]
Spathodea campanulata [pallet] African Tulip tree


Tabebuia impetignosa - pot Ø 28 cm [pallet]


Juniperus media Mint Julep Multiplateau - total height 80-100 cm - pot 20 ltr [pallet]


Platanus acerifolia - pot Ø 35 cm [pallet]


Sold out Ginkgo Biloba trunk - total height 200+ cm - pot 18 ltr [pallet]
Ginkgo biloba [pallet] Maidenhair tree


Olea europaea - wild form - circumference 20-30 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]


Sale Aanbieding Citrus aurantium - pot Ø 50 cm [pallet]
Citrus aurantium [pallet] Sour orange - Seville Orange



Ilex crenata Green Hedge Multiplateau extra - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 20 cm


Lagerstroemia indica Best Red - trunk 80-100 cm - total height 220+ cm - pot Ø 32 cm [pallet]


Olea europaea - Bonsai - total height 140-160 cm - pot Ø 40 cm [pallet]


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Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees are commonly found all over Europe. Well known trees are for example the chestnut tree. Aside from the well-known deciduous trees, there are plenty of exotic deciduous trees that are not as well known. If you are looking for an exotic deciduous tree, we recommend taking a look at our assortment. We offer various beautiful deciduous trees that are not as commonly found. Our exotic deciduous trees will definitely become an eye catcher in your garden.

We offer various exotic deciduous trees

At MyPalmShop you can find various exotic deciduous trees. If you are looking to buy a deciduous tree, the chance is big you can find what are you looking for at our web shop. Our assortment includes Pistacia lentiscus, a tree that produces the famous pistachio nuts. Or maybe you are more interested in Brachychiton rupestris, a tree originating in Queensland, Australia. Our trees are extremely versatile, so make sure to check our assortment and pick the tree that fits your wishes best!

Deciduous trees in our web shop

You can not only find a large assortment of deciduous trees in our assortment, but we will also make sure it is delivered as soon as possible to your home. That way, you can plant the tree in your garden without having to wait for long. We also make sure to only select trees of high quality. Our specialists know to how recognize the quality of trees and take good care to only pick the best quality. You do not have to be afraid of receiving a low quality tree if you order at MyPalmShop. Do you need any advice to pick between the various deciduous trees in our assortment, or do you have questions regarding the maintenance of deciduous trees? Contact our customer service – they can help you. Our specialist are happy to help you by telling you more about our trees or to answer any question you may have.

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