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Blue fertilizer 25 kg

€ 29,95

per piece

Slow Release Palm Fertilizer 3 kg
Slow release fertilizer Palm fertilizer - 3 kg

€ 31,95

per piece

Palmbooster 300 ml + 10 Coir bricks
Palmbooster + 10 Coir bricks 300 ml + 10 coir bricks

€ 36,95

per piece

Slow Release Palm Fertilizer 1 Kg / 3 pieces
Slow release fertilizer Palm fertilizer - 3 x 1 kg

€ 37,95

per piece

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To get the most out of your garden, fertilizers are essential. They feed your soil and therefore everything that grows on it. The healthier the soil, the better your garden. There are many products that can be used for this purpose. Compost alone is often not sufficient. It is a good idea to mix compost with the right fertilizer. We offer various types of fertilizer on this page. For example: fertilizer sticks, fertilizer packages and fertilizer. We also sell products that are specifically produced for certain plant species. The more specialised the nutrition, the better the results.

Fertilizer for potted plants

Apart from feeding the garden soil, potted plants on the terrace or on the balcony also need feeding. In order to keep diseases and pests outside the pot, it is a good idea to add a fertilizing product, mixed or not mixed with compost. For this purpose you will find various quality products on this page. For example: balcony plant fertilizer, clay granules and liquid rose fertilizer. Find all our accessories and mulches here.