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Tree ferns
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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 110-120 cm [pallet]

€ 465,00

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 120-130 cm [pallet]

€ 545,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 140-150 cm [pallet]

€ 655,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 160-170 cm [pallet]

€ 765,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 170-180 cm [pallet]

€ 820,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 180-190 cm [pallet]

€ 875,00

per piece

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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 190-200 cm [pallet]

€ 940,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 200-225 cm [pallet]

€ 985,00

per piece

Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 225-250 cm [pallet]

€ 1.095,00

per piece

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Tree ferns

Tree ferns (of the order of cyatheales) are exotic, ornamental plants that have become immensely popular recently. The remarkable, elegant leaves of tree ferns are definitely eye catchers in any garden. Species such as Dicksonia antarctica are even somewhat hardy and thus suited for sheltered European gardens. They also make good container plants or additions for your interior. If you place them inside, make sure they receive sufficient water and that they are placed away from full sun.

We have various different species and sizes of tree ferns in our assortment, such as Cyathea tomentosissima, Dicksonia antarctica or Cyathea cooperi. Each species has its own unique appearance and attributes. Nonetheless, each of these tree ferns will look great in your garden or interior.

The right tree fern for your garden

Different species vary greatly from each other; we recommend looking into each tree fern’s unique attributes to make sure you find one that suits you. Some species can reach over 10 metres in height. There are also many medium or small sized tree ferns. In all cases, tree ferns are definately great additions for your garden.

On each product’s page you can find additional information about the product. You can find everything about height, location, maintenance, and hardiness in a product’s specifications. If you still have questions about any these plants, feel free to contact our customer service for advice regarding your tree ferns. Our specialist are happy to help.

Getting through winter

These types of ferns are generally hardy up to -5 degrees Celsius (Dicksonia antarctica). That is why it is often recommended to keep these ferns indoors during winter. They prefer 10-15 degrees in winter. If you do not have the space to keep them indoors, you can place them in a sheltered location and/or use winter protection for outdoor ferns.


As tree ferns do not produce a lot of roots, repotting is less necessary. Tree ferns can easily be kept in the same pot for about 1-2 years. Keep the soil humid, but do not drown the roots. Give water as soon as the soil is dry again. It is furthermore recommended to keep the trunk moist, as this boosts the growth of your tree fern.

Buying a tree fern at MyPalmShop

You can easily and swiftly order a tree fern of your choice at our web shop. We ensure a quick delivery within Europe and only sell plants of excellent quality. You can order your tree fern at MyPalmShop.

If you are looking for other plants instead, you can find these at MyPalmShop as well. We specialize in exotic plants and trees and have a large assortment of different species of plants. In addition, we can offer you advice regarding which plant is best suited for your expectations. .