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Yucca rostrata
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Yucca rostrata - trunk 180-190 cm [pallet]

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Yucca rostrata - fat trunk - circumference 100-110 cm - trunk 150-170 cm - total height 300+ cm [pallet]

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Yucca rostrata - fat trunk - circumference 100-110 cm - trunk 150-170 cm - total height 280+ cm [pallet]

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About Yucca rostrata

Yucca rostrata is a yucca from the north of Mexico and the west of Texas. This beautiful yucca with tall, small, blueish grey leaves and a remarkable trunk. It is a slow growing plant that is also known as palm lily, as it flowers with tall, upright flowers. These flowers are cream/white coloured. An evergreen plant with a beautiful spherical appearance. Yucca rostrata is an impressive exotic plant for your garden or as a potted plant on a terrace or balcony.

Maintenance of Yucca rostrata

Yucca rostrata requires some water while young. An adult and developed plant (usually after the third year) will not require a lot of manual watering anymore. It only requires about 2-3 waterings per summer, whereas in winter it requires little to nothing at all. An adult palm lily might branch and split into a multi-head. Yucca rostrata is exceptionally well suited for northern European climates. It requires very little maintenance and is hardy up to -20 degrees Celsius, as long as it is placed in a somewhat dry spot. If you plant it out in open ground, we recommend placing it a little higher, so that excess water can stream away from the plant. Protect the core of the palm lily against excess humidity in winter as well. Yucca rostrata is extremely drought tolerant, making it really easy to care for this beautiful yucca plant.

Where does Yucca rostrata grow best?

Yucca rostrata prefers a sunny spot. It dislikes water, so make sure not to water it too much. Ensure the soil is well drained, so that excess water can flower away. Sandy soils are generally the best for that reason, although Yucca rostrata is generally not picky regarding its soil. It can also grow in low humidity soils that are scarce in nutrients. In fact, even rocky or limestone-rich soils will suffice. Yucca Rostrata originates in Texas and Mexico. There it is found in deserts with warm, dry days and cold nights.

Everything you need to know of Yucca rostrata

This palm lily generally grows somewhere between 2-4 metres tall if placed in correct circumstances and proper maintenance is given. Its leaves reach about 50 cm and are fairly stiff. Old, brown leaves can be cut, although it is also an option to simply keep them. Keeping them gives the rostrata a ‘skirt’ of old leaves. Its leaves slowly develop towards a symmetrical rose. These leaves keep on renewing. Smaller sizes trunks look pineapple-like, which adds to its tropical appearance. As Yucca rostrata originates in deserts, it has developed the ability to absorb and store water. Due to this water storage, it requires little water. This plant is ideal for hot, dry summers and cold winters and requires very little maintenance.

Range of Yucca rostrata at MyPalmShop

Yucca rostrata is available in many sizes, both with and without a trunk. They are available all year round. Palm lilies without trunks will develop all the way to a proper adult Yucca rostrata. Besides regular Yucca rostrata, there are occasionally alternatives available, such as its blue cultivar Yucca rostrata Sapphire Skies. You can find many different palm trees and exotic plants that can withstand cold temperatures on our website.

Questions regarding Yucca rostrata?

Do you have any remaining questions regarding Yucca rostrata or maybe other desert plants? One of our experienced specialists can provide you fitting advice, based on our requirements and wishes. They can advise you regarding the right size, shape and suitability of our plants. Yucca rostrata is usually delivered to your home within 2-4 business days. Special promotions of Yucca rostrata can regularly be found in our newsletter as well.