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Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 90-100 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 110-120 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 120-130 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 130-140 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 140-150 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 150-160 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 160-170 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 170-180 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 180-190 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 190-200 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 200-225 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 225-250 cm [pallet]


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Ferns - Polypodiopsida

Are you looking for plants without flowers? Polypodiopsida may be your answer. Polypodiopsida, better known as ferns, are perfect plants for shaded locations. They thrive in shade or half shade and prefer a humid but drained soil. Ferns are known for their beautifully shaped leaves. Ferns multiply through spores, not seeds, and can commonly be found in forests. They will give a more natural appearance to your garden. You can find various ferns for both indoors as well as outdoors at MyPalmShop.

Species Polypodiopsida

There are various species of ferns available, such as soft shield ferns, hart’s-Tongue ferns, rockcap ferns, ostrich ferns and more. Polypodiopsidea are easy to maintain, often winter hardy and regularly evergreen as well. Furthermore, most ferns are self-cleaning, which makes pruning unnecessary. Non evergreen ferns may require a small amount of pruning after winter. On top of these advantages, ferns also require little to no fertilizers. Some compost once per year is sufficient, making ferns easy and leaving you little to worry about.

Buying Polypodiopsida online at MyPalmShop

Ferns vary significantly in shapes and colours. Especially the leaves can come in a large variety of colours. We have a large assortment of Polypodiopsida available in our web shop. We have Cyathea and other tree ferns, available, as well as Dryopteris, Athyrium and many more. Because of our wide range of ferns, you are sure to find one that fulfils all your requirements. Have you found your fern? Order them easily online through our web shop. We understand you would like to receive your plants as soon as possible. We can arrange a swift delivery all over Europe. Our plants also have an appealing price. Our many years of experience has earned us the name of specialists in exotic plants and trees. We are happy to share our knowledge by offering you advice if you need help. You can easily contact us per phone or e-mail.

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