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Sold out Cyathea medullaris - trunk 5-10 cm
Cyathea medullaris Black tree fern


Sold out Dicksonia fibrosa - trunk 10-20 cm
Dicksonia fibrosa Golden tree fern


Cyathea cooperi - total height 80+ cm - pot Ø 30 cm
Cyathea cooperi Lacy tree fern


Sold out Cyathea dealbata - total height 40+ cm - pot Ø 21 cm
Cyathea dealbata Silver fern


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 15-20 cm - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 26 cm
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern


Sold out Cyathea cunninghamii - trunk 25-35 cm
Cyathea cunninghamii Gully tree fern


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 20-30 cm
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 30-40 cm
Dicksonia antarctica Soft tree fern


Sold out Cyathea kermadecensis - trunk 20-30 cm
Cyathea kermadecensis Alsophila kermadecensis


Dicksonia antarctica - fat trunk XL - trunk 30-40 cm [pallet]


Sold out Cyathea australis - trunk 10-20 cm
Cyathea australis Rough tree fern


Dicksonia fibrosa - trunk 50-60 cm [pallet]
Dicksonia fibrosa [pallet] Golden tree fern - Whekī-ponga


Sold out Dicksonia fibrosa - trunk 60-70 cm [pallet]
Dicksonia fibrosa [pallet] Golden tree fern - Whekī-ponga


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 80-90 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 90-100 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 110-120 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 120-130 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 130-140 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 140-150 cm [pallet]


Dicksonia antarctica - trunk 150-160 cm [pallet]


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Are you looking for the perfect addition to your garden or interior? Consider the elegance of ferns. These beautiful plants, part of the class of Polypodiopsida, have a rich history and can add a hint of tropical beauty to your environment. At MyPalmShop, you can find a wide range of ferns. We would like to take you with us in the wondrous world of these green jewels.

Ferns are suited for indoors and outdoors

One of the most appealing characteristics of ferns is their versatility. Whether you care about to decorate a garden, terrace or even an interior, these plants make for an excellent choice. Taller ferns can add a majestic element to your garden, whereas smaller ferns are ideal for your interiors.

Green additions to your interior

Adding ferns to your interior can bring a feeling of serenity and freshness. When planting these indoors, it is important to find the right balance between light and humidity. Most varieties thrive with indirect sunlight and a humid environment. You can enjoy the tropics without leaving your house.

Planting ferns in your garden

Outdoor ferns, including taller ferns, are popular choices for sprucing us gardens. When planting ferns in your garden, it is crucial to pick a suitable location. Outdoor ferns generally grow best in shady or partial shady locations of your garden. Provide a sufficiently draining soil to avoid too root rot.

Explaining Polypodiopsida

Ferns belong to the class of Polypodiopsida, with a rich scientific history. This class contains a large range of species and can be found all over the world. The diversity and adaptability of ferns make them an intriguing subject for plant lovers and botanists.

Pruning ferns

Ferns can be pruned to keep their health and appearance in optimal condition. This includes the removal of damaged or dead leaves, keeping the fern in shape and, where necessary, limiting the height of the ferns. Pruning is best done in early spring, before the ferns start growing actively. Use clean and sharp pruning tools and be careful to keep the crown central, especially for tree ferns. Excessive pruning should be avoided, as this limits the growth.

Buying ferns at MyPalmShop

At MyPalmShop, we strive to only offer the highest quality ferns. We select each plant with care, so that you can be ensured to have a healthy and beautiful addition to your outdoor or indoor area. Our plants have been grown with the utmost care to enrich your environment. Are you still hesitating which fern suits your situation best? Do not worry. Our dedicated team is ready to help you make a correct choice. We also offer a quick delivery in the entire Netherlands as well as Europe, so that you can enjoy your new ferns as soon as possible.

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