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Cupressus sempervirens Totem - total height 150-180 cm - pot Ø 35 cm Temporarily out of stock

€ 87,95

per unit

Cupressus sempervirens Totem - total height 200+ cm - pot Ø 35 cm [pallet]

€ 114,95

per unit

Cupressus sempervirens

Cupressus sempervirens or Italian cypress is a beautiful tree that is easy to care for. The tree remains beautifully green all year round and gives a nice exotic ambiance to your garden. In our range, you will find different types of cypress trees that grow as conical trees but also as shrub-shaped plants. Both varieties are characterized by the upright, dense branches that ensure a compact whole. Depending on your preference, therefore you choose a tree that retains its shine all year round.

The Italian cypress is fairly hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to -13°C. This makes the tree very suitable for the European garden. Cypress trees are very popular along the driveway or as a hedge for separation. The natural appearance of the tree in combination with the compact and dense branches makes the cypress a good option for yard fencing with a lot of privacy.

The right Italian cypress for your garden

What kind of cypress is best for your garden? Depending on the look and ambiance you want to create in your garden, you can choose from different types of cypress trees. In our range, you will find the characteristic narrow cypresses as they grow along the road in Italy, but also shrub cypresses with a round shape. A combination of the various types can also be very beautiful.

Fitting advice

Would you like advice about the Cupressus sempervirens? We are happy to tell you everything about this beautiful tree - from care to maintenance and pruning. This offers you the opportunity to make a good choice. Make your garden an attractive whole and discover what the Italian cypress can do for the appearance of your outdoor space.

Did you find what you were looking for? Then you can easily order your cypresses online. Order your cypress online and we will ensure that your order is shipped quickly and carefully. Moreover, you can always count on the best service and the highest quality products.