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Washingtonia robusta - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 22 cm Temporarily out of stock
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm

€ 16,95

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Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 22 cm Temporarily out of stock

€ 16,95

per piece

Washingtonia robusta - total height 100-130 cm - pot Ø 26 cm Temporarily out of stock
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm

€ 32,95

per piece

Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 120-140 cm - pot Ø 26 cm

€ 32,95

per piece

Washingtonia robusta - trunk 40+ cm - total height 160-180 cm - pot 40 Ø cm [pallet]

€ 71,95

per piece

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Washingtonia robusta multitrunk - total height 140-160 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]

€ 86,95

per piece

Washingtonia robusta - trunk 50+ cm - total heigth 160+ cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]

€ 97,95

per piece

Washingtonia robusta - a tropical tree with an easy maintenance

Washingtonia robusta originates in California and Mexico. It is more commonly named Mexican fan palm, after its origin. Washingtonia robusta is part of the Arecaceae family, the palm family. Are you looking for a tropical addition to your garden or interior? Washingtonia robusta is an excellent pick for a spot with a lot of sunlight. With one of these, you can easily turn your garden, terrace or interior into a tropical paradise.

MyPalmShop offers a large range of Washingtonia robusta palm trees in various sizes. They have a beautiful wide trunk with round leaves. That makes it a popular addition in European gardens or interiors. Besides, Washingtonia robusta is a strong palm tree without a lot of problems. Aside from regular watering and protection against frost, you will not need a lot of maintenance.

Washingtonia robusta, a tropical addition for gardens and interiors

Washingtonia robusta, also known as the Mexican fan palm, is easily recognized by its brown trunk and full leaf crown. The palm prefers a spot in direct sun light. A Mexican fan palm placed in your garden or on your terrace will grow perfectly, although a sunny spot indoors will also work well. Washingtonia robusta looks impressive and can reach significant heights. That makes them popular in many large outdoor areas as well, such as larger garden or parks. A palm kept indoors will grow slower, so if you are planning on placing them inside, you do not have to worry about it becoming too tall too fast.

Taking care of a Mexican fan palm tree

If you take proper care of the palm, it will easily live for many years. Washingtonia robusta prefers a wet soil. We recommend to water the palm tree roughly once every 5-6 days, though this is dependent on the weather, the amount of water given and the soil used. In winter, its usually enough to water once per 10-14 days. If you are not sure how much water you have to give, start with smaller amounts. Check the soil by putting your finger into the soil for about 5-10 cm and feel if it is still wet after a few days. Moisturizing the leaves is beneficial as well, especially indoors if placed close to a heater.

Ideal location for Washingtonia robusta

The location you place a fan palm at can be an important factor for its growth as well. Washingtonia robusta prefers a sunny spot indoors. You can plant a Mexican fan palm in full sun if placed outside as well, but make sure you give the palm to acclimatize first. Not enough sunlight will result in a decreased amount of growth for the palm. Fortunately, the palm will be able to tell you if it does not receive enough sunlight, as its leaves will start to hang more. If that happens, place the palm closer to the window or in a more suitable spot in your garden. The palm requires at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Washingtonia robusta fertilizing and pruning

The best period to fertilize is in Spring or Summer. It is not recommended to fertilize in Fall or Winter as the palm does not require a lot during these seasons. For fertilizing, you can use our palm fertilizers. Read the description properly and dose as recommended.

Eventually, the leaves may start to lose their beauty. Old leaves can turn brown or yellow, although this process can be delayed by spraying the leaves. Old leaves that have turned brown can be cut off close to the trunk. You can prune the leaves at pretty much any moment (except periods of frost), but do not cut the trunk itself!

Variations of Washingtonia

Aside from Washingtonia robusta, there are two other Washingtonia species. Washingtonia filifera and a hybrid species, the filibusta. These are selected less regularly. As a results, you can mainly find Washingtonia robusta.

Washingtonia robusta in various sizes

Are you looking for a small or large Mexican fan palm? Mexican fan palms can be found in various sizes in the full assortment of MyPalmShop. A small palm can provide a tropical ambiance to any room. Not only do they add an amazing ambiance indoors, they can do so outdoors too. You can find various sizes of this palm in our full range.

Hardiness of the Mexican fan palm

European winters are getting milder and summers and getting warmer. These changes will affect the Mexican fan palm positively. To ensure that the palm gets through winter properly, it is important to keep an eye on the temperatures both outdoors and indoors. They can withstand to about 2 degrees at night and 10 degrees during the day. They prefer standing in full sun all day. If you want to move your palm from indoors to outdoors, we recommend letting the palm acclimatize first. You can do so by providing more and more direct sunlight over the course of a few days. New leaves will be acclimatized immediately.

Buying a Mexican fan palm at MyPalmShop

Are you looking for a real eye catcher for your garden? Washingtonia robusta is an excellent choice. This fan palm creates a summery atmosphere for your garden. It can withstand some frost for a short period without problems. Aside from sufficient water, the palm does not require a lot. An easy palm to enjoy.

Do you want to know more about Washingtonia robusta or other palm trees? As an expert in exotic plants we are happy to advise you regarding the plants and trees in our assortment. Upon ordering one of our trees of plants, you can expect great service and a quick delivery throughout the entire European Union.