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Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta - total height 50-60 cm - pot Ø 14 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago palm

€ 20,95

per piece

Cycas revoluta - trunk 15-20 cm - total height 70-90 cm - pot Ø 22 cm
Cycas revoluta Sago cycad

€ 74,95

per piece

Cycas revoluta - total height 80-100 cm - pot Ø 38 cm [pallet]

€ 145,00

per piece

Cycas revoluta - trunk 40-60 cm [pallet]

€ 295,00

per piece

Cycas revoluta - trunk 35-45 cm - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]

€ 365,00

per piece

Cycas revoluta - trunk 65-75 cm [pallet]

€ 595,00

per piece

Cycas revoluta

Are you looking for an exotic addition to your garden or interior? Consider a Cycas revoluta, an exotic palm that will bring a tropical touch to your interior or exterior. Cycas revoluta, also known as the sago palm, is a remarkable plant from Southeast Asia. Its dark green, glossy leaves and a tree fern-like trunk will help turn your home into a paradise. Cycas revoluta is known for its unique appearance and its ability to thrive in a pot or in open ground, allowing it to be used in a large range of different settings.

Caring for Cycas revoluta

it is important to know how to care for Cycas revoluta to allow it to thrive in your garden. Here are some of the most important maintenance tips:

  • Light and location: Cycas revoluta thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Place the palm on a location where it receives sufficient sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight, especially during the warmest times of the day.
  • temperatures: The sago palm is quite resistant against cold, but prefers warm temperatures. Protect the plant against frost in colder climates and put it at a suitable location during winter.
  • Watering: The sago palm requires relatively little water. Keep the soil humid but avoid soaking it. Allow the soil to dry slightly before watering again. Overwatering can cause root rot.
  • Fertilizing: Feed your Cycas revoluta during the growth season with a balanced, slow release palm fertilizer. Always follow the instructions on the packaging for the right dosage.
  • Repotting: If you keep your Cycas revoluta in a pot, we recommend repotting it every few years. That way, you provide more room for the roots to grow.

Cycas revoluta is quite cold resistant

Cycas revoluta is quite cold resistant and can withstand even temperatures slightly under 0 degrees Celsius. In colder climates, we recommend offering protection or shelter to Cycas revoluta during periods of frost. We also recommend mulching the roots to stabilize the temperature around the plant.

A sustainable choice

What adds to the attractiveness of this palm is that it is a sustainable choice for your garden. With the right care, this plant can survive and thrive for many years, so that you can enjoy its tropical beauty.

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